Huskies fall to Tonkawa, 13-12

Robert Smith

The Pawhuska High School Huskies dropped to 3-3 last Friday with a 13-12 home loss to Tonkawa (now 5-1), and coach Matt Hennesy said the Huskies need to clean up their mistakes and get ready for a road visit to the Drumright Tornadoes.

“We’ve got to clean up our offensive line play, and we’ve got to stop our turnovers,” Hennesy said. He cautioned that Pawuska can’t afford to assume it will beat Drumright, which is 0-5 and has scored just 32 points all season while giving up 271.

“We’ve got to treat every game like it’s the most important game,” Hennesy said. He pointed out that Drumright’s quarterback was considered one of the top players in the district in preseason.

“They’re kind of a lot like we were last year,” he said of Drumright.

There will be ups and downs for the Huskies all year, given they’re a young football team, and for Pawhuska the upcoming game is more about dealing with its own challenges than it is anything else, he said.

Hunter Reed was named Defensive Player of the Week for Pawhuska for the Tonkawa game. Easton Kirk was named Special Teams Player of the Week. There was no Offensive Player of the Week, Hennesy said.

“We played good defense,” he said, but with just 71 yards passing and 116 more on the ground, the Huskies’ offensive output was far from stellar. Pawhuska gave up three fumbles and an interception.

Reed made 24 tackles against Tonkawa, six of them for losses. Reed was followed by Kirk, Bryce Drummond, Jack Long, Price Perrier and Cade McNeil with 18, 17, 16, 14, and 10 tackles, respectively.