Oklahoma angler lands enormous carp for state's first record

Pete Thomas
For The Win

An Oklahoma angler is the state's first record holder for bighead carp after landing a 118-pound, 3-ounce carp recently at Grand Lake.

Bryan Baker of Spoonbill Wreckers, a paddlefish guide service, is credited with the capture and removal of a bighead carp that was nearly 30 pounds heavier than the world record, set in Tennessee in 2005.

Baker's carp was snagged instead of baited so it won't qualify for an IGFA record. (Snagging is the most effective way to hook paddlefish.)

But his catch sets the bar extremely high as a new state record.

Oklahoma added bighead carp, an invasive species, for record consideration to encourage their capture and removal.

In announcing Baker’s record catch, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation explained via Facebook:

“Bighead carp consume large quantities of zooplankton, aquatic insect larvae and adults. Because of their feeding habits, bighead carp are a direct competitor with our native species like paddlefish, and bigmouth buffalo; as well as all larval and juvenile fishes and native mussels.”

The ODWC added: “If you catch this invasive species DO NOT RETURN IT TO THE WATER. Please report any caught bighead carp to our Porter Office at 918-683-1031 or 918-200-4815.”