Wade Corder is perpetual motion embodied

Mike Tupa

Indefatigable Barnsdall High School coach Wade Corder didn’t have much time off between sports seasons.

How about a blink?

After having coached the Barnsdall Panthers varsity boys basketball team through a respectable showing (13-12), Corder switched immediately to the varsity baseball diamond.

How quick was the transition?

Barnsdall played its final basketball game on Feb. 27 — and plunged on March 3 into the baseball season.

That’s only four days in between — and Corder spent a good chunk of that getting his diamond squad ready to compete.

The hardwood journey throughout the winter was a prototypical roller-coaster ride.

The Panthers — many of the players didn’t get done with football until late November — stumbled out of the gate with a 4-7 record in the first 11 games. But, they then caught fire and roared to a 9-2 mark in the next 11 games.

Two playoff losses capped the campaign.

“We were missing a couple of pieces (Christian Warford and Derek Wilson) from the previous year,” Corder explained about the slow start. “It took us a while to figure out what style of game we wanted to play.”

The Panthers lost approximately 40-to-45 points per game with the graduation of Warford and Wilson.

Corder characterized his hoopsters as “a resilient group, a tough-minded group of warriors. …They set standards for Barnsdall on how to approach games and how to win a bunch of games and how to grind it out during the season.”

Many of these same players also are on Corder’s baseball team.

He returned six starters from a powerful unit the previous year.

Corder said Joe Cole and Michael Marin could be his pitching aces. He also expects strong mound contributions from Braden Kelley, Keegan Marin and Josh Weber.

Kelley is in the leadoff spot, with Weber, Michael Marin and Cole batting in the power part of the lineup.

Consistency, unflappability and “playing within yourselves,” is the instruction Corder said he has proffered his players, so that “good things will happen.”