Track squads shake up foes

Mike ErwinJ-C Sports Writer

Contrary to better story angles, the Pawhuska High School track-and-field squads were not the cause of Saturday’s 4.0-magnitude earthquake at Medford.

They did shake things up at the Class 2A meet, which was held just six miles south of the 4:55 p.m. earthquake’s epicenter. Earlier in the afternoon, a 2.8-level quake rattled away three miles west to Medford Stadium. None of the PHS athletes even noticed the tremors.

“The wind was blowing so hard out there that I don’t think we would have noticed,” the Huskies’ assistant coach, Ernie Barnett, said.

According to head coach Mark Frye, the Lady Huskies stockpiled 219 total points at Medford and the Huskies combined for 170. (Had team awards been offered at the meet, the PHS squads would easily have carried them away.)

Pawhuska’s teams were competing closer to home on Tuesday when they bused to Ponca City for a 4A-and-Under event. This weekend, the Huskies and Lady Huskies are heading back west for a competition at Enid’s Chisholm High School facility — which is sort of their home away from home. The local squads have gone to Chisholm for their last three Class 3A Regionals.

In last Thursday’s Pawhuska Invitational, the Lady Huskies dazzled early and often at Ormand Beach Stadium. They wound up claiming the girls’ division high-point total with 170. (The Caney Valley Lady Trojans placed second, with 117.)

Sophomore Aubrie Walker won the two-mile run and Kyleigh Riebel took the 3oo hurdles while Haley Mouser snagged first in the high jump.

With one event remaining Thursday, the PHS Huskies were within striking distance of the boys’ division title. Unfortunately for the local lads, they had not fielded a 4x400 relay unit — so were unable to make a bid to overtake Vinita for the high-point lead. The Hornets clinched the crown with 122 team points, which was nine more than the Huskies.

Pawhuska High School

Track Invitational Results

Thursday, April 7th


Darienne Frye and Rayven Stone won 100 heats. Stone also won a 200 heat.

100 METER DASH: 6) Star Sweeden, Pawhuska 13.57; 7) Danae Laird, Pawhuska 13.5, 8) Kiki Taylor 13.69.

200 METER DASH:3) Kiki Taylor, Pawhuska 29.05; 6) Star Sweeden, Pawhuska 29.68.

400 METER DASH: 4) Mouser, Pawhuska 1:09.41

800 METER RUN: 5) Genie Herren, Pawhuska, 2:53.74

1600 METER RUN: 2) Aubrie Walker, Pawhuska 6:28.86; 3) Davis, Dewey 6:56.51; 4) Abbygale Nightengale, 7:03.75; 5) Alexis Bighorse, 8:11.88.

3200 METER RUN: 1) Aubrie Walker, Pawhuska 13:53.04

800 METER RELAY: 1) Pawhuska (Sarah Phillippi, Keylee Kirk, Kyleigh Riebel, Darienne Frye) 1:53.3; 2) Pawnee 2:02.14;

3200 METER RELAY: 1) Pawhuska (Genie Herren, Aubrie Walker, Madeline Priest, Kyleigh Riebel) 11:01.32; 2) Blackwell 11:11.96;

100 METER HURDLES: 2) Darienne Frye, Pawhuska 17.74; 3) Bailey Sutherland, Pawhuska 19.48

300 METER HURDLES: 1) Kyleigh Riebel, 51.08; 2) Kamille Ellis, Pawnee 53.28

LONG JUMP: 2) Rayven Stone, Pawhuska 13-9, 3) Connor, Woodland 13-4, 4) Danae Laird, Pawhuska 13-0.

HIGH JUMP: 1) Haley Mouser, Pawhuska 5-4

POLE VAULT: 1) Allison Hunt, Copan

SHOT PUT: 6) Ashley Henley Pawhuska 30-1.

DISCUS: 4) Keylee Kirk Pawhuska 89-2; 5) Ericka Barker Pawhuska 89


Daniel Parks placed second in a heat of the 300m Hurdles. Tyler Wilson was second in a 200-m heat, eighth fastest overall.

100 METER DASH: 1) Dayton Bowlin, Vinita :11.29; 2) Warren Graves, Pawhuska :11.38; 6) Brian Jeffers, Pawhuska :11.63.

200 METER DASH: 1) Dayton Bowlin, Vinita :22.93; 2) Brian Jeffers, Pawhuska 23.73; 3) Warren Graves, Pawhuska 23.75;

400 METER DASH: 1) Landon Lanphear, :53.42; 3) Ben Gray, Pawhuska 57.42; 4) William Merrell, Pawhuska 57.51; 5)

800 METER RUN: 1) William Merrell, 2:11.77, 2) Travis Black, Dewey 2:11.83; 3) Clapp, Woodland 2:13.42

1600 METER RUN: 5) Tristan Tucker, Pawhuska 5:16.76.

3200 METER RUN: 1) Travis Black, Dewey 11:10.48;

800 METER RELAY: 1) Vinita 1:35.82; 2) Rejoice 1:36.15; 3) Pawhuska (Tyler Wilson, Brian Jeffers, Ben Gray, Warren Graves) 1:36.69

110 METER HURDLES: 1) Faylon Kight, Dewey :15.88; 4) Nathan Richardson, Pawhuska :17.98;

300 METER HURDLES: 6) Nathan Richardson, Pawhuska :47.75.

LONG JUMP: 3) Reed, Hominy 16-10; 6) Lanphear, Barnsdall.

HIGH JUMP: 1) Sergio Mendez, Hominy; 2) William Merrell, Pawhuska

POLE VAULT: 1) Nathan Richardson, Pawhuska 12-6; 2) Bradley Moreland, Pawhuska 11-6; 3) Payne, Rejoice 11-0; 4) Daniel Parks, Pawhuska 9-6

SHOT PUT: 1) Meed, Rejoice 47-6; 2) Randall, unattached 47-2.5; 5) Sleeper, Hominy 39-2.25

DISCUS: 1) Randall, 2) Frost, Vinita; 3) Lance Harden, Pawhuska.