Successful Cavalcade week

Mike ErwinJournal-Capital

Zalin Edwards added to his Pawhuska High School legacy at the Sunday finals of the 2014 Cavalcade.

The recently-graduated super athlete captured his second roping title in three years by winning first in the Intermediate Boys Calf Roping. After transferring from Woodland (where he helped the Cougars win the 2010 Class A football title), Edwardswas a two-year star for the Huskies in football, wrestling and baseball.

At the 2012 Cavalcade, Edwards teamed up with Cash Socia to claim a championship in Junior-Intermediate Team Roping.

More than 900 amateur rodeo contestants from over 100 area clubs participated in the 68th-annual event, which is sponsored by the International Roundup Clubs. Two repeat champions and one double-winner emerged from the week-long amateur rodeo at the Osage County Fairground.

The arena competitions started Tuesday morning and concluded with Sunday’s finals. Rain showers created a muddy quagmire in the middle of the week, but they also helped to usher in much-welcomed milder temperatures.

Addie Weil of the Edna (Kan.) Roundup Club raced to twin championships in Junior Pole Bending and the Junior Girls Flags. Codee John Tarlton of Added Money RUC won his second straight title in the Junior Boys Flag event.

Taylor White of Bartlesville was named as the 2014-15 Cavalcade Queen following the closest finish in the 68-year history of the event.

When week-long queen competitions ended Sunday, White was tied in points-scoring with another of the 13 candidates — Lauren Hadley of Ponca City. It marked the first tie ever recorded in the judging for queen, which includes personal interviews, tests of horse-riding skills and a fashion show.

According to Cavalcade rules, the queen winner was determined by results of the Queen’s Horsemanship Contest, which was held at the arena on Monday. White had placed first by one point over Hadley.

Shiloh Martin of the Pawhuska Roping & Riding Club finished as the second runnerup in the queen’s race. Ketrina Koons of Pawhuska Range Riders was one of the five candidates selected as finalists.

White, a 17-year-old who will be a senior at Bartlesville High School, represented Owasso Roundup Club in the competition. Hadley was sponsored by Sisco Kids. Last year, White finished as a runner-up to Ponca City’s Kelcee Dickman, whose reign concluded Sunday when she handed over the title to White.

More than 1,000 amateur entries from more than 100 area roundup clubs and riding/roping organizations participated in the 2014 Cavalcade. The Sunday finals followed four morning rodeo sessions and four nightly performances, which lasted from Tuesday morning through Saturday night.

Downtown Pawhuska was site of a Tuesday night street dance as well as the Cavalcade Parade on Saturday morning.

For the second year in a row, the award for “Best All Around Club” went to 4-Bar Roundup Club. The Yale-based 4-Bar Club — which was formed a year before taking its first two titles in 1987-88 — edged out Owasso RUC to claim All Around honors for a record 14th time.

Following are the top finishers, and their club affiliations, for each of the events in the 2014 Cavalcade:

Bareback Bronc Riding — 1) Dillion Green, Bar T Roundup Club, 2) Jeff Johnson, Nuyaka RUC, 3) Coby Gorman, Rockin C Arena, 4) Kevin Grimm, Owasso Stampede.

Wild Horse Race — 1) Rockin C Arena (James Snyder, Brody Begley, Chaz Brewer), 2) Pawhuska High School (Garrett Brown, Ben Batdorf, Randy Lowe).

Junior Boys Calf Roping — 1) Mason Appleton, Bar T RUC, 2) Bryar Delashmutt, Nowata RUC, 3) Hunter McIntyre, Four Bar RUC, 4) Wade Hudson, Skiatook RUC, 5) Chance Doyle, New Wynona RUC, 6) Ryan Morgan, Harrel Automotive Kids, 7) Kaden Walker, 7-H Outlaws, 8) Witt Edwards, Pawhuska R&R Club.

Intermediate Girls Calf Roping — 1) Jaden Hopkins, Nuyaka Roughriders, 2) Gannyn Gower, Camo Cowboys, 3) Gabby Lassiter, Skiatook Riding Club, 4) Jobi Tussey Cowboy, Pawn Kids, 5) Cassie Mark, Rowdy Rascals.

Senior Womens Calf Roping — 1) Chelsea Bracken, 7-H Outlaws, 2) Kendyl Hutton, 7-H RUC, 3) Heidi Yocham, Bartlesville RUC, 4) Ginger West, West Riders, 5) Brandi Hamm, Independence Trail Riders, 6) Kyela Oyler, Running Iron RUC, 7) Kendra Chinn, Rowdy Rascals, 8) Melissa Ward, Cowboy Pawn Kids, 9) Heather Williams, L & K Riding Club, 10) Cactus Taylor, Bar T RUC.

Wild Cow Milking — 1) Curtis Morphew-Kendal Morphew, Four Bar RUC, 2) Jason Taylor-Butch Taylor, Bar T RUC, 3) Clayton Casebolt-Jake Horine, Lazy H Arena, 4) Dane Hamm-Levi Pippin, Independence Trail Riders, 5) BJ Copeland-Dalton Gilmore, Bartlesville RUC, 6) Aaron Belair-Shane Jones, Steichen Auto Kids, 7) James Snyder-Chaz Brewer, Rockin C Arena, 8) Jackie Jo Donaldson-Kojack Holloway, Greyhorse RUC, 9) Tyler Thomas-Joe Thomas, Pawhuska Range Riders, 10) Lee Chambers-Hunter Lockman, HUD Livestock.

Pony Express Race — 1) Ryan Neel, Rockin’ E Riding Club, 2) Tyler Goodman, Cowpokes RUC, 3) Kasey Carpenter, Turley RUC.

Bull Riding — 1) Joey Phillips, Camo Cowboys, 2) Rudy Parks, Cowboy Pawn Kids, 3) Kyle Sherwood, Ripley RUC, 4) Jeramy Hicks, Flying W R&R Club, 5) Seth Killgore Hard To Handle RUC.

Junior Barrel Race — 1) Kendalyn Stueve, Christ Cross Cowboy Fellowship, 2) Ginger Cohea, Rockin C Arena, 3) Kadeance Arlond, Skiatook Rough Riders, 4) Teagan Smith, Sand Springs RUC, 5) Mia Ramsey, Collinsville Little Riders, 6) Jacklynn Patrick, Skiatook RUC, 7) Tatum Kanton, Hillside Heathens, 8) Mercedez Mills, Drumright RUC, 9) Ryland Woods, Bartlesville RUC, 10) Haily Collins Broken, J Cattle Co.

Intermediate Barrel Race — 1) Taylor Devillier, West Riders, 2) Cassidy Higgins, 4 Y RUC, 3) Dally Patterson, Sisco Kids, 4) Trinity St. Andrews, Pawhuska RUC, 5) Shelby Haynie, Rockin C Arena, 6) Biscuit Ross, H-S RUC, 7) Cheyenne Kester, New Wynona RUC, 8) Kaylee Newberg, Owasso RUC, 9) Kailynn Wade, Four Bar RUC, 10) Faith Wickliffe, Nuyaka RUC.

Senior Mens Barrel Race — 1) Ruste Rennie, Harrel Automotive Kids, 2) Jerry Fortney, Gypsy RUC, 3) Ron Crabtree, Drumright RUC, 4) Warren Hollis, Nuyaka RUC, 5) Paul Sutter, Owasso RUC, 6) Justin Patrick, Skiatook Young Riders, 7) Curtis Morphew, Four Bar RUC, 8) Rhett Reed, Cherokee Strip Riding Club, 9) Justin Winget, Ward’s AC Kids, 10) Gerald Toon, Nuyaka Roughriders.

Senior Womens Barrel Race — 1) Teresa Watson, Owasso Wranglers, 2) Brandi Inman, South Forty Riders, 3) Cheniaya King, Pawhuska RUC, 4) Cindy Johnson, Nuyaka RUC, 5) Aspen Gustus, Hillside Heathens, 6) Kathy Wheatly, Nuyaka Roughriders, 7) Katelyn Hadlock, Fairfax RUC, 8) Haylie Kirby, KW Riding Club, 9) Casey Jo Combs, Owasso Stampede, 10) Perryetta Metzger, Skiatook RUC.

Junior Boys Flag Race — 1) Codee John Tarlton, Added Money RUC, 2) Mason Appleton, Bar T RUC, 3) Wade Hudson, Skiatook RUC, 4) Tucker Graham, Gypsy RUC, 5) Kaden Walker, 7-H Outlaws, 6) Wildbill Wilson, Owasso RUC, 7) Colton Todd, Running Iron RUC, 8) Jaden Skupien, Nuyaka RUC, 9) Trenton Crawford, 7-H RUC, 10) Witt Edwards, Pawhuska R&R Club.

Junior Girls Flag Race — 1) Addie Weil, Edna RUC, 2) Madison Meyers, Sisco Kids, 3) Shelby Bute, Star B Ranch, 4) Haily Collins, Broken J Cattle Company, 5) Tyia Fullbright, Nuyaka Outriders, 6) Mercedez Mills, Drumright RUC, 7) Rachel St. Andrews, Pawhuska RUC, 8) Jacklynn Patrick, Skiatook RUC, 9) Sage Christian, L & K Riding Club 10) Bailey Kidd Kellyville Kidds.

Intermediate Boys Calf Roping — 1) Zalin Edwards, Pawhuska High School, 2) Colten Cargill, Drumright RUC, 3) Dawson Appleton Bar T RUC, 4) Jaxon Clegg, Mounce Arena, 5) JK Hadlock, Fairfax RUC, 6) Shay Walters, Owasso RUC, 7) Josh Pool, Nowata RUC, 8) Jasper Smith, 4Y RUC, 9) Braden Bush Four Bar RUC, 10) Joe Dale Elliot, Copan Roping & Riding Club.

Senior Mens Calf Roping — 1) Lee Straw, Independence Trail Riders, 2) T. J. Butler, H-S RUC, 3) Austin Suggs, Crazy Horse RUC, 4) Nick Campbell, Depew RUC, 5) Curtis Morphew, Four Bar RUC, 6) Kyle Rasberry, Skiatook RUC, 7) John Wright, Flying W R&R Club, 8) Britt Robinson, KW Riding Club, 9) Kyle Carlson, Rockin H Bar, 10) Marshall Dickson, Rowdy Rascals.

Chuck Wagon Race — 1) Four Bar RUC (Larry Morphew), Owasso RUC (Michael Spears), 3) Four Bar Express (Joe Wade), 4) Edna RUC (George Elliott).

JuniorPole Bending — 1) Addie Weil, Edna RUC, 2) Stormy Hopkins, Cowpokes RUC, 3) Christina Townsend, Beggs Rednecks, 4) Mercedez Mills, Drumright RUC, 5) Haily Collins Broken J Cattle Co., 6) Tatum Kanton, Hillside Heathens, 7) Jacie Edwards, Greyhorse RUC, 8) Jacklynn Patrick, Skiatook RUC, 9) Delaney Pippin, Independence Trail Riders, 10) Sadie Prather, 4Y RUC.

Intermediate Pole Bending — 1) Bailey Pollard, Skiatook Young Riders, 2) Kelsey Anderson, Lazy S Arena, 3) Luke Townsend, Beggs Rednecks, 4) Cassidy Higgins, 4Y RUC, 5) Rachel Harrold, Dentonville Rough Riders, 6) Gannyn Gower, Camo Cowboys, 7) Christin Bishop, Owasso Stampede, 8) Hope Chandler, Drumright RUC, 9) Lee Ann Morrison, Cowpokes RUC, 10) Cheyenne Kester, New Wynona RUC.

Senior Pole Bending — 1) Lindsay Crook, L & K Riding Club, 2) Tara Burris, Osage Feed Kids, 3) Taylor McGee, HUD Livestock, 4) Ruste Rennie, Harrel Automotive Kids, 5) Justin Winget, Ward’s AC Kids, 6) Casey Jo Combs, Owasso Stampede, 7) Ally Harrold, Dentonville Rough Riders, 8) Brooke Wickliffe, Nuyaka Roughriders, 9) Eddie Standingsoldier, Rockin’ E Riding Club, 10) Holli Renfrow, South Forty Riders.

Junior/Intermediate Team Roping — 1) Dalton Grussendorf-Lane Carter, Collinsville Little Riders, 2) Dalton McCoy-Shay Walters, Owasso RUC, 3) Mason Appleton-Dawson Appleton, Bar T RUC, 4) Jobi Tussey-Mark Carpenter, Cowboy Pawn Kids, 5) Riley Garrison-Cheyenne Shaver, Lazy O Arena.

Senior Team Roping — 1) Clint Peverley-Dalton Cole, Talala Troubadours, 2) Clark Jones-Amanda Johnson, Broken J Cattle Co., 3) Kyle Whitefield-Lane Chapman, Rockin C Arena, 4) Brian Donnelly-John Donnelly, Cleveland RUC, 5) Tyler Coleman-Paul Shaver, Lazy O Arena, 6) Doug Branch-Hal Barbee, Christ Cross Cowboy Fellowship, 7) Steven McCune-Boog Roberts, Nuyaka RUC, 8) Kelly Jackson-Clinton Jackson, Skiatook Riding Club, 9) Britt Robinson-Justin Huntington, KW Riding Club, 10) Justin Snipes 594 Gene Emberson Copan Roping & Riding Club.

Parade — 1) 4 Bar RUC, 2) Owasso RUC, 3) Nuyaka RUC.

All Around Best Club — 1) 4 Bar Roundup Club, 2) Owasso RUC, 3) Skiatook RUC.

Cavalcade Queen — 1) Taylor White, Owasso Roundup Club, 2)Lauren Hadley, Sisco Kids, 3) Shiloh Martin, Pawhuska R&R Club.