Opposed to Turtle Races

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Dear Editor,

Recently, at the Osage County Free Fair in Pawhuska, a turtle race was scheduled to take place. Little known to most people is that turtle races have devastating effects for the turtles, most often the “box turtle.”

Box turtles have a small range, typically five to fifteen acres. After each turtle race, more than 60 percent of turtles die prematurely. Many are simply discarded and left to die. Sad to say, Oklahoma and Kansas lead the nation in these types of races. With this knowledge, and because of the good work of the regional Turtle Race Task Force (led by Alex Heeb of Missouri), we write to oppose this event and ask the organizers of the Osage County Free Fair to retire this race, in favor of more humane activities.

We believe communities do best when they account for all living creatures, and for this reason, we oppose the turtle competition held at the Free Fair.


Kirkpatrick Foundation (Oklahoma City), Turtle Race Task Force, Christine Light, Benjamin Forrest, Jeff Peck, Reid Sneddon, Dana Knepper, Jennifer Merlich, Taylor Blazi, Ellie Houchin, Liv Jones, DVM, Madeline Smith, Cailin Gallagher, Joanne Light, Gina Buelow, Will Hanson-Regan, Caitlin Wilhelm, Ben Culver, Deborah Perjatel Light, Michael Kellis, Michael Thathuvaswamy, Vicki Felbaum Bentz, Thaniel Bentz, Gabrielle Dean, Katrina Smith, Louisa McCune, Tina Carruthers, Amber Smith, Ae Nash, PhD, Vicki Godbehere, Erin Montee Shackelford, Carol Becker, Laura Liptak, Jamee Suarez-Howard, Christian Keesee, Coty Vincent, Nancy Snow, Robin Suarez, Ashley Villines, Nancy Snow, Rachel Ellerd, DVM, Kati Suarez, Karen Karr, Jan Lavender, Kristin Barney, Julie Foote, Kelly Hines, Kim Gardner, Kellie Badgwell Hanes, Ash Graif, Heather Graif, Christina Roberts, Angela Ewers, Linda Todd, Erin Osburn, Peyton Dermody, Anita Butler, Tahnee Hernandez, Valerie Vester, Heather Cove, Dan Whitney, Elizabeth DeHaye Pierce, DVM, Marina Sitzes, Marilyn Stewart, Kathy LaValley, Lucas Freeman, Yvonne Hall, Mitzi Cafer, Joey Cavataio, Barbie Garcia, Stephanie Kuykendall, Marlee Allen, Timothy Houchin, Kathy McCord, Bruce Wolhuter, Blake Keesee, Susan Mohring, Michelle Kelly, Julie Strauss, Becky Lister, Vanessa Avara, Kerstin Henry, Teresa Kay Fisher, Laura Priest, Holly Sandrey, Alana Ruiz de la Pena.