Leave SoonerCare alone

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

My name is Ellen Weigant and I have been a pharmacist at my own pharmacy for the past 40 years.

Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma Legislature are no friends of low-income rural Oklahomans or the retail pharmacies that provide these rural citizens health care. The governor and the legislators are turning SoonerCare over to Humana, which will drastically reduce reimbursement for prescriptions, which is a huge problem when we are already not being reimbursed for the cost of the drugs. 

Taking this action during the worst economic time for these small businesses due to COVID proves the governor and legislators do not care how the rural SoonerCare patients will obtain health care. They also have no concern about small retail pharmacies closing due to the economic set back this will cause. Gov. Stitt has been nothing but a huge disappointment. 

Ellen E. Weigant, D.Ph.