Be proud of your local health department

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Dear Editor,

Public/preventative health is not a ” glamorous ” part of the scope of medicine, compared to heart transplants, emergency room drama, cancer cures, etc. But, public/preventative health measures save more lives than any other of the various medical fields. When I arrived here to start practice in 1972, there was no Public Health Department. Now, we have a state of the art, well planned building with a dedicated staff serving our community ( I recently had a Covid 19 test, and had results in  but from the state’s control of some functions of our health department. We have excellent funds, but we are not always allowed to use them to the fullest extent because of state guidelines. This is changing some, and Mr. Jones is representing our needs very well. I want Pawhuskans to be proud of their Health Department — it took a long time, and a lot of work, to have what we have.

Another thought: Shouldn’t we wear masks in public, to protect others from catching an unexpected Corona Virus infection from us? We wear clothes in public, as a (?) moral mandate. Shouldn’t we wear masks at this time, as a health mandate?


Michael L. Jordan, M.D.