Rocketry Club launches successful event

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Rocketry Club launches successful event

Thanks for helping us make High Frontier 12 our most successful event ever. We had participants from all over Oklahoma, as well as southeast Kansas, northwest Arkansas and even some from the Dallas area attend our launch Sept. 26-27.

Everyone enjoyed spending the weekend in Pawhuska and we received many compliments on the launch site, the concessions available on the field, the Fire Department and other city services supporting the launch, and the friendly environment in Pawhuska.

This is all due to the tremendous support we receive from the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Pawhuska and the local merchant community and we genuinely appreciate your on-going support. Please pass this thank-you on to the FFA group and everyone else who was involved.

We also appreciated the ideal “Chamber of Commerce-like” weather conditions and I’d like to go ahead and place my order now for the same weather next year.

Hal Ellis

rocket launch coordinator, Tulsa Rocketry Club