Letters to the Editor

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital


Thanks to Kathy Swan (article) and Jack Buzbee (photo) in the Pawhuska J-C, Oct. 22 of the U.S. Highway 60 clean up crew for the public exposure.

As the article indicated, we were few but determined to make the east-west highway entry into downtown look nice again! So many thanks go to the county and city workers and Cap Poulton - couldn’t have done it without’em. The donated donuts, water, gloves, trash bags and safety vests are always appreciated.

Another thank you, in the same area is in order for Trevor Kanke, Wynona. this young man working toward his Eagle Scout Badge and his group of volunteers erected a more substantial black iron fence at the Veterans Park, main and Lynn recently. We Pawhuskans appreciate his vision and determination to beautify a wonderful and special corner in “our town”.

Pawhuska is our home, there is always something needing done. Look around and see what you can do… as Nike says, “Just do it.” Trevor did.

P.S. One more thanks to August Hague for “guarding” the donuts, handing out gloves, water, trash bags, vests and picking up trash.


Hub Crelia and Jenny Hague



Judge M. John Kane is a lifelong resident of Osage County. He graduated from Pawhuska High School and subsequently graduated from Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma Law School. He has had the privilege of practicing Law with both his dad and his grand-dad in Pawhuska. Additionally, he has served Osage County as an Assistant District Attorney, as well as Administrative Law Judge, both while maintaining a law practice. Since 2005, he has served as District Judge for Osage County.

From 2013-2014, Judge Kane served as President, Oklahoma Judicial Conference. Currently he serves as a member of Oklahoma Court on the Judiciary—the body that judges other Judges. He is also Chairman of the Osage County Community Sentencing Planning Council. Further, he is the presiding judge over all judges in northeastern Oklahoma.

Judge Kane has been married to his wife, Cyndi, for 28 years. They have been blessed with four terrific children.

Judge Kane has served Osage County for the past nine years with honesty, fairness, dignity of character and respect. Why would we want to replace a Judge of this caliber?

Personally, I have known Judge Kane for thirty years and worked with him while I was a Child Welfare Worker, Child Welfare Supervisor and DHS Osage County Director. He was caring and honorable in all his dealings with our Osage County children.

On November 4, 2014, I urge you to vote for the man best suited and most qualified to serve us as Osage County District Judge — Judge M. John Kane.

Shirley Roberts