Letter to the Editor

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Citizen expresses disappointment with council on trout-stocking issue

(Letter is addressed to Mayor Taylor.)

It is with a heavy heart I write this letter, as I just learned from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife that you and your fellow councilpersons made the decision to stop allowing trout to be placed into your city lake.

Do you not recognize the positive economic impact trout fishing at this lake has had on your local economy? Did you perform a cost benefit analysis before you made the decision? Did you calculate the impact this decision would have on your local economy?

Each time I came to your lake there were several people all around the lake fishing. And I would dare to sat that each one spent money in your city. For many, many years, my children and I, various family members and fellow fishermen in my fishing club, made the trek from all over the state to come to Pawhuska several times a year, to fish in you beautiful lake.

Additionally, because of the beauty of your downtown are and the excellent trout fishing, just last year I invited friends from my former church in the Fort Worth, Texas, area to come to Pawhuska to spend a week at a Bed & Breakfast in the downtown area. In total, we easily spent over $1,000 in accommodations, meals at local restaurants, gasoline, groceries, supplies, ice, etc.

With my fishing club, each time we came, we ate at Bad Brads BBQ, filled up with gas and brought items in your town. And each time we came, we paid the city’s fee to launch our boats.

Now all of this is gone. Because of your decision, I/we cannot frequent your town any longer, because you took away the very reason for our spending money in your town.

Terry D. Kinzie