Ambulance membership program coming


Living with diabetes can be daunting, sometimes frightening and often filled with the unexpected. In spite of adherence to diet and exercise, blood sugar spikes can appear when least expected.

A wise diabetic knows to keep a 2 oz. vial of Glucose liquid on hand for those unexpected spikes. To be sure all is well; it certainly doesn’t hurt to call 911. After all, we only have once chance at this life.

In spite of all of the controversy surrounding our area’s emergency service, I have nothing but praises for Pawhuska municipally-owned ambulance service and its highly trained and dedicated staff!

For a $4 surcharge on their city utility bill, folks within the city limits can pre-enroll in the soon-to-be launched ambulance membership program. On April 16, the Journal-Capital announced the program is being extended to rural residents.

As of today, my family has committed to being one of the first rural subscribers. This is an incredible opportunity to protect those that we love.

That person could very well be you!