Pipeline workers grateful to chief for jobs

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

(In light of the controversy surrounding Osage Nation Principal Chief John D. Red Eagle’s involvement with the Flanagan South Pipeline Project, we would like your readers to see what affect his vision has had on several Osage County residents by publishing our recent letter to Chief Red Eagle.)

Dear Chief Red Eagle,

As we are gainfully employed on the Flanagan South Pipeline Project, we are writing to express our utmost gratitude. Without a doubt, if you had not possessed the foresight to step forward and pursue a position for your people, we would have had no consideration for employment. Major projects such as this have came and went through your nation and passed your people by on several occasions. We greatly appreciate the effort you have put forth to better your nation and your people by offering opportunities for education, employment and career experience.

As a leader of a people, it is certainly important to strive to lay out the best of plans for the future of those people. In a time where unemployment rates are higher than we care to see them, it is imperative that you stay on the forefront of the job market. Educated and experienced people are sought after in every employment situation. You have taken a major step in moving your people to the front of the line.

It is our hope that this will be only the beginning of great things to come for the Osage people. You have set a shining example on this project and paved the way for the future and prosperity of your tribe. Your efforts command our greatest appreciation and respect.

Sincerely Yours,

Charles D. Whitehorn

Jason Howell

George Carter

Martin Miles

Trona Miles