Letter To The Editor

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

In the May 23 issue of the Bigheart Times, Editor Louise Red Corn, the wife of Congressman Raymond Red Corn, published comments made at a bond hearing for the purposes of establishing the flight risk of Christopher B. Harris, who is currently under arrest with several charges against him.

My purpose in attending the bond hearing was to support the family. I was unprepared and surprised when I was asked to take the stand.

My comments were limited to my personal experience that to my knowledge Mr. Harris had no history of the actions which he was currently charged with.

Next, when Assistant District Attorney Mike Fisher questioned me, his questions were leading questions which asked me to make assumptions that Mr. Harris was guilty and to answer as if he were guilty.

I believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty and that the legal court system will be fair in determining the guilty or innocence of Mr. Harris.

However, it is noteworthy that the author of this article and the Editor of the Bigheart Times, Louise Red Corn, is married to Raymond Red Corn who is preparing to run for assistant principal chief — the office which I currently hold.

Scott BigHorse