Buchanan withdraws from District 10 DA's race

Robert Smith |

Word spread shortly after mid-day Wednesday that Bob Buchanan of Pawnee, an independent candidate for the District 10 district attorney post, had withdrawn his candidacy.

A list of withdrawn candidacies, posted and maintained online by the Oklahoma State Election Board, showed Buchanan had withdrawn as of Aug. 29.

The Pawhuska Journal-Capital initially left phone messages for Buchanan at his office, and spoke with him about an hour after leaving the first message.

“It was a tough decision. I gave it a lot of thought,” Buchanan said, explaining he weighed a lot of factors. “Now, Mike Fisher can go ahead and focus on the job he’s facing without thinking about campaigning.”

Buchanan said he had spoken a short time earlier with Fisher. 

“We had a pretty good conversation,” Buchanan said.

The newspaper also contacted Mike Fisher, who won the Republican primary for District 10 district attorney. Fisher, in a brief telephone interview just after 1:30 p.m., said he had heard about half an hour earlier of Buchanan’s withdrawal, but had yet to speak with him.

In a second brief interview a little more than an hour later, Fisher said that he and Buchanan had spoken, and expressed thanks to Buchanan for his willingness to consider serving as DA.

 “I appreciated his willingness to run,” Fisher said. “It’s a difficult office and running for public office is a difficult thing to do.”

 Fisher said Buchanan’s decision will, indeed, help him focus on preparing for the job.

 “It’s definitely going to help in that regard,” Fisher said.

Fisher also said Wednesday that he had not received any update from anyone about a campaign sign controversy that erupted right after the Republican primary for DA.

“I don’t know where that stands,” Fisher said.

Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden said today that the matter was referred to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, but he has received no update on it.

“I haven’t heard anything,” Virden said.