Roseanne McKee authors a second novel

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Q: What motivated you to write your second book, "The Arabella Effect"? 

A: I began having recurring dreams of a tropical place where I lived for a year as a child. Over time, my memories, prompted by the dreams, became the springboard for the book.

Q: What is different about your second book compared to the first one?

A: The second book is a mystery, whereas the first book, "Oklahoma Roses, a tourist's companion romance" was a romance. The main character in the first book is a woman, while the main character in the second book is a man. 

Also, the main character's three best friends figure prominently in the second book. Whereas in the first book, family relationships are the focus. 

Although the second book begins and ends in Bartlesville, the bulk of the book takes place far away in a tropical place. The first book takes place mainly in Bartlesville and Osage County with a special Christmas trip to Vail, Colorado. 

Another difference is that the first book is set in the present, whereas the second book has flashbacks, through dream sequences, to a time over 40 years ago. 

Q: What is similar about the two books?

A: Both books have a tourism component. Although the characters in both books are fictional, the places in the books are real and appealing to tourists. Readers could use the books as a sort of guide to the geographical areas depicted in them.

Both books are wholesome. 

Q: How do you get your books written?

A: I retired about 2 years ago, but prior to that I was a journalist. As such, I had to write on deadline, so I use these same principles in book writing. I write for a period of time each week with a goal of completing a certain number of pages.

Q: Why did you decide to self-publish rather than seeking out a publisher?

A: Self-publishing is a trend that allows the writer more freedom, which I appreciate. Others in the writing community in Bartlesville have shared with me that traditional publishing is an option but no longer a necessity in becoming a successful writer. Aspiring authors should be aware that if they choose not to self-publish, traditional publishing houses should pay you and not the other way around. I chose to publish through Amazon, and I've been pleased with the printing quality. 

Q: What are the most important lessons you learned in publishing two books?

A: As a self-publisher, authors need to find good technical editors and take the time to factor editing into their publishing timeline. It's very tough to edit your own work. 

I've also learned that books are products and not everyone reads the same genre. I'm writing to a niche market when I write romance or mystery novels. Life can be stressful, so in my books, I'm looking to create a light, entertaining diversion for my readers -- a few hours away that remind us of the best part of ourselves and that life still has its mysteries and things to teach us.