City Council election coming Feb. 14

Robert Smith
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Pawhuska voters will have a decision to make Feb. 14, with additional electoral decisions scheduled for March 7 and April 4.

Feb. 14, which is also Valentine’s Day, will be decision day for the annual Pawhuska City Council election. The At-Large seat on the five-member Council is up for determination. The candidates are incumbent Councilor Steve Tolson and challenger Randall Jones. Tolson is completing a three-year term on the Council. Jones, who currently holds no office, previously served as the District 1 county commissioner. He left office at the end of 2022.

The Pawhuska City Council election is non-partisan, with candidates not declaring party affiliation. Since there are two candidates for the At-Large position on the Council, the results Feb. 14 will be decisive. The winner will serve a three-year term.

In March, Pawhuska voters will join voters statewide in deciding State Question 820, concerning the recreational use of marijuana. Election day for State Question 820 will be March 7. A “yes” vote on the question would be a vote in favor of recreational use of marijuana for persons aged 21 years and older.

If approved, the measure would include a 15-percent tax on recreational marijuana sales, above already existing sales taxes. The revenue from the new tax would be earmarked for expenditure on several priorities – for example, public school programs to address substance abuse; drug addiction treatment programs; and courts and local governments.

The deadline to apply for voter registration to take part in the March 7 recreational marijuana referendum (if you are not already registered to vote in Oklahoma) is Friday, Feb. 10.

Medical marijuana use is already legal in Oklahoma. The result of the recreational marijuana referendum will not affect the status of medical marijuana.

On April 4, voters living in the Pawhuska School District will choose a member for the Board of Education. The candidates are incumbent Board Member Scott Laird and challenger Amy Dwerlkotte. The winner will serve a five-year term on the board. This election is non-partisan, with candidates not affiliating themselves with political parties.

If you have questions about voter registration, absentee ballot applications or other matters related to these or other elections, contact the Osage County Election Board at 918-287-3036.