Joker, Harley Quinn marry at Constantine

Robert Smith rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com
Dani and Jay Kepler, she in the red and black outfit as ‘Harley Quinn,’ and he with the green hair as ‘the Joker,’ emerge ‘in custody’ as it were after their comic-book themed wedding at the Constantine Center in Pawhuska on Halloween afternoon.

Yes, you really did see a guy in a Batman outfit pacing impatiently the afternoon of Oct. 31 in front of the Constantine Center on Main Street in Pawhuska.

It was an overcast Halloween afternoon and Moses Gonzalez, the guy dressed as Batman, was waiting to perform his role in a wedding at the Constantine — a wedding made distinctive by the comic-book theme wrapped around the nuptials.

Joined in marriage — really as well as fantastically — were Jay Kepler, 41, and his lovely bride, Dani Hasecuster, 31. Jay dressed as the Joker while Dani dressed as his companion in villainy, Harley Quinn. The overall ceremony that took place at 3 p.m. last Wednesday at the Constantine consisted of a comic book wedding between the Joker and Harley, as well as an actual, legally binding union between Jay and Dani.

“We wanted to get married, but we wanted to do it in a unique way,” Jay said, as he waited for the ceremony to begin. He is a 1996 graduate of Pawhuska High School. Dani went to school in Dewey and they reside in Bartlesville, Jay said. Their courtship lasted about 10 years.

The comic book storyline for the wedding was that the Joker had discovered Batman’s true identity and blackmailed the caped crimefighter into performing the wedding of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Pawhuska police played along with the charade by giving the newly married couple — in their villain outfits — a ride away from the Constantine, as though they had been arrested and were on their way to jail.

So it was Halloween in Pawhuska, and you really did see Batman fuming in front of the Constantine Center, waiting to perform a wedding.