Student aptitutude prep, tests announced

Lorrie Young PJC correspondent

Softball has come to an end. They had a great season, progressed in skills and made a lot of memories. That’s what it is all about. Basketball is coming up. October 12 the Wynona faculty will challenge the Osage County Sheriff’s Office to a game at 6:30 p.m. This night is a fundraiser for the athletic program, so bring the whole family. Admission will be $5 for adults and $3 for students.

A concession stand will be available with lots of yummy items so plan on eating dinner there.

The basketball team will also conduct a 50/50 drawing during the faculty game.

Please check your children’s hair for lice. This is still an issue in the classrooms.

The fifth- and sixth-graders attended Star Base for Career Day today — the final trip this year. This is a unique visit for students, and parents were also invited to attend. Students have learned a lot, and it has been a very interactive program to participate in. Thank you to Mr. Powell for providing transportation and supervision for the six weeks. I would also like to Thank the Hominy OCIC for organizing this wonderful opportunity for our students.

At 6:30 p.m. on Thursday in the cafeteria will be an informational/awareness meeting over vaping, smoking, and OK Promise. Vaping and smoking in adolescence is becoming an extreme issue. Students do not realize the dangers they may encounter. I believe the more educated that educators, parents, and community members become, the better handle we will have on deterring “Our Future” from these negative choices. If you have an eighth, ninth or tenth grader, now is the time to complete the OK Promise for college. Assistance will be available during the presentation.

We are a small school, but have many opportunities for students to be successful. I was walking around the halls after school earlier this week and was amazed at the teachers and students still here at 4:30 p.m. Mrs. Boe and Ms. Berry were tutoring students, Mr. Powell had students working on the robot for the upcoming competition, Mrs. Lucy had students engaged in cheer practice, and Mr. Askew and Ms. Maker were on the softball field with the high school girls preparing for districts. That was just at the high school level. The elementary teachers have been working diligently with our new reading specialist and creating interventions, screening students to determine their level of reading, and much more.

Friday the End of the Month Assembly will be held at 2:45 p.m. in the new gym.

Students in pre-K through eighth grades should have received a permission slip for an intern to record her presenting a counseling session to students. No names will be used and just their faces may be shown. If you have any questions you may call 918-885-2667 for more information.

October 3, juniors and seniors will travel to NOC in Tonkawa to attend the ACT Prep program. Permission slips have been sent home. The bus will leave at 7:15 a.m. Students will need to bring a sack lunch and/or money for lunch.

October 9, juniors and seniors will travel to OSU - Okmulgee to participate in a “Career Encounter” program to view programs they offer post high school. More information is coming.

The sophomores, juniors and seniors will take the ASVAB test on October 10 at 12:15 p.m.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased Little Lamb cookie dough from our students. With your generous help, we earned $1,950 for the student/teacher fund. Thank you. Have a great weekend. Remember to be respectful, responsible and kind.