Schools to convert to LED lighting

Robert Smith

The Pawhuska Board of Education on Monday accepted a $113,000 bid for the conversion of district buildings to LED lighting.

Superintendent David Cash said the Pawhuska district looked at several firms when it sought help with the conversion to LED lighting and checked company references carefully. The winner of the business was First Light, a company that submitted two bids, one of which was the lowest in the field and another that was somewhat higher but promoted by the company as a better all-around package for the school district.

The Board of Education chose the higher of the two First Light bids to attempt to take advantage of long-term quality measures.

“Either proposal would be better than what we have right now,” Cash said, adding, “This would be a huge mistake if we get in a classroom and it’s a little dim.”

First Light pledged quick service and a seven-year warranty. The school district is looking at paying off the conversion cost by about the fourth year. It is also looking at cutting both its energy use expenses and the cost of replacing bulbs.

Dean Hix, the school district’s maintenance supervisor, said Pawhuska Public Schools spends about $300 a month just replacing lights.

Hix commented he supported the board’s choice Monday, indicating he is favorably impressed by the product knowledge of First Light.

In other business Monday, board Vice President Tom Boone advocated buying new mowers for the school district’s maintenance crew. Boone said he has spent some time lately with the maintenance crew and spoke from knowledge acquired through that experience.

Multiple board members commented favorably on the appearance of school properties at the opening of the new school year, and board member Mike Tolson thanked donors who made possible the new artificial turf football field at Ormond Beach Memorial Stadium.