Sisters to offer sugary treats, scripture

Robert Smith rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com
Cindy Huntsman, left, and Betty Gay, right, plan to open a store, called Sweet Scripture, on Main Street in Barnsdall.

BARNSDALL — Cindy Huntsman and Betty Gay plan to offer Barnsdall and the surrounding area both energy and inspiration.

The sisters — their maiden name was Brumley — are preparing to open a store called Sweet Scripture in a small, stone building across from the former grocery store in Barnsdall, at 622 W. Main. The establishment will offer sub sandwiches and a soup of the day, but its specialty will be candy and cookies — especially candy.

With everything you buy, you’ll receive a slip of paper bearing a Bible quotation. While Cindy and Betty will be doing something they love, and hopefully making a profit, they also see their endeavor as God’s plan for them and a way to draw attention to the Bible.

“For a year, God has been preparing us for this,” Cindy said. She and Betty said God gave them a date back in March to quit their jobs and make preparations to open their business. Other people said they were crazy, and the sisters let the idea go.

But they prayed again, and Betty and Cindy say God reminded them that he had already given them a date to get started. Well, they went through with it the next time around. They quit their jobs in mid-July, took a few days of vacation and have been busy with preparations ever since. Friday before last, they got their state tax ID number.

So, how did the Brumley sisters end up planning to spread candy and scripture on Main Street in Barnsdall? It goes back to friendship, family tradition and faith in divine grace.

Cindy began making candy about 30 years ago with a friend. That friendship activity translated into a family tradition as Cindy, Betty and their other sister, Judy Snead, began making candy along with their mother. They would make lots of candy every year, right after Thanksgiving. They would distribute the candy to family members and friends.

“It would be an all-day thing,” Cindy said. “It’s a lot of work.”

They would make candy from 7 a.m. until about 11 p.m. and deliver some of it that night after they finished. They would begin passing out the rest of it the next day.

Betty said the family aspect of it has grown, as the sisters’ own children have developed an interest in helping.

The sisters make a wide variety of hard candy, and they attribute the development of that type of candy to Judy, who specialized in it. These days, there’s no way they could stock all the varieties at one time.

“Blackberry has been a huge seller,” Cindy said. There are many others; for example, hot cinnamon, butter rum, and green apple to name a few.

The notion of opening a candy store also emerged from this sister activity. Cindy recalls that Betty, the youngest, at some point began saying, “I’m going to have a candy store.”

Additionally, there was the encouragement of potential customers.

“People would be like, ‘[i]f you would just sell this, I would buy it,’” Cindy said. Well, they are going to sell it, but they’re going to make sure to give you the good word to go with it.

“Nothing leaves the store without a scripture,” Cindy said.

Like almost everything else these days, Sweet Scripture has an online presence, a Facebook page, but it definitely has down-home charm. As you look at the images on the Facebook page, there are Cindy and Betty in Oklahoma City, right outside the state tax commission building where they got their tax ID number — “Praise Jesus and place your orders!”

Keep an eye out — it’s coming soon.