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Catherine N. Hall

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital call Robert Smith at: (918) 287-7366.


NAME: Jeffery Scott Rawlings

AGE: 39


CHARGE: Domestic abuse — assault and battery

DETAILS: On Aug. 10, Osage County deputy John W. Ferguson went to the Osage Nation Domestic Violence Center in the process of investigating offenses alleged to have occurred about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 8, at a residence in the town of Osage. The victim in the case described to Ferguson an altercation during which Jeffery Scott Rawlings took her cell telephone without her consent. The victim told Ferguson that Rawlings hit her several times in the head with a small drill he was holding in his left hand. Rawlings was reportedly holding a .22 caliber pistol in his right hand while hitting her with the drill held in his left hand. The victim further told Ferguson that the suspect used a recliner chair to block a doorway and confine her against her will for a period of about an hour and a half. Rawlings has been arrested, arraigned and granted bond, with a judicial instruction to have no contact with the victim.

NAME: Samuel Lynn Hess Jr.

AGE: 36


CHARGES: Endangering others while attempting to elude a police officer; speeding; removing proper license plate from vehicle or affixing improper license plate; failure to maintain insurance or security; driving while privilege suspended; and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: This is an Oklahoma Highway Patrol case. A warrant for Hess’s arrest was issued Aug. 15, and he was arraigned the same day. The defendant pleaded not guilty, and the court set bond at $10,000, per the request of prosecutors.

NAME: Michael Joseph Demaro

AGE: 43


CHARGES: Four counts of larceny of domestic animals

DETAILS: Warrants were issued Aug. 16 for the arrest of the suspect on four counts of larceny of domestic animals. Prosecutors submitted to the court supplemental information about Demaro’s previous felony case convictions.

NAME: Cody Joseph Porter

AGE: 33


CHARGES: Four counts of larceny of domestic animals

DETAILS: Warrants were issued last week for the arrest of the suspect on four counts of larceny of domestic animals. Prosecutors submitted to the the court supplemental information about the suspect’s past felony convictions.


NAME: Brittney Rose Yarberry

AGE: 26


CHARGES: Two counts of obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check/false pretenses

DETAILS: A misdemeanor warrant was issued July 23 for the arrest of the suspect on two charges of obtaining cash or merchandise by bogus check/false pretenses.

NAME: Jeremy Antwon Lewis

AGE: 35


CHARGE: Harassment by use of an electronic device

DETAILS: Lewis is accusesd of making harassing remarks to a Pawhuska woman during a two-week period in March 2018. The victim provided to Deputy Sheriff John Ferguson a voice mail recording that purportedly reflected the suspect yelling profanities in an attempt to threaten or harass her. A misdemeanor warrant was issued July 23 for Lewis’s arrest on a charge of harassment by use of an electronic device.

NAME: Gary Lee Dorl

AGE: 60


CHARGE: Assault and battery

DETAILS: Osage County Deputy Sheriff David Bradley responded on the evening of April 15, to a call from dispatch regarding an assault at a residence on Knox Road in the Osage County portion of Ponca City. The assault victim explained to Bradley that a man named Jerry Dorl, who was incarcerated, had asked him to take up residence on his property to prevent theft. The victim described an encounter from earlier on the evening of April 15, when a man drove up and introduced himself as Gary Dorl. The man began angrily asking where his transmission was, according to the officer’s report. When the victim said he didn’t know where the transmission was, the man who identified himself as Gary Dorl reportedly began to approach the victim, who then announced that he had a heart condition. The man identified as Gary Dorl then hit the victim in the back of the head, kicked him in the groin and hit one of his arms. The victim told Bradley that he told Gary Dorl that he and his family were watching the place for Jerry Dorl. A warrant was issued July 23 for the arrest of Gary Dorl of Ralston.

NAME: Jess B. Robedeaux

AGE: 60


CHARGE: Malicious injury to property, under $1,000; and threatening to perform an act of violence

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police Officer Tammi Batman responded to an incident that involved damage to a vehicle and a threat of physical violence against a person. An victim told Batman that a Native American male with a pony tail and a blue baseball cap yelled at him to turn his music down and struck the side of his pickup, causing a dent. The victim also said the assailant threatened to drill a drill bit through his ear. The officer recorded that the suspect admitted to striking the victim’s vehicle and threatening violence. A warrant was issued July 23 for the arrest of Robedeaux.

NAME: Thomas Christopher Kirk

AGE: 36


CHARGE: Protective order violation

DETAILS: On June 26, Osage County Sheriff’s Office investigator Steve Talburt met with a woman who said the suspect initiated electronic contact with her in violation of a protective order. The order, issued by the Osage Nation Court, prohibited all forms of communication, including electronic, according to Talburt. A warrant was issued July 23 for the arrest of Kirk.

NAME: DeWayne Coke

AGE: 59


CHARGES: Domestic abuse — assault and battery; and threatening to perform an act of violence

DETAILS: Osage County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Testerman handled the investigation of crimes committed on the morning of July 7, 2018, at the Wah-Sha-She Park campgrounds at Hulah Lake. The suspect threatened violence against a woman, and subsequently hit a man in the face when that man confronted him about the threat. An arrest warrant was issued July 25, and an arraignment held July 26, during which the suspect pleaded not guilty. Bond for the suspect was conditioned on his not having any contact with the victim.

NAME: Katie Lynn Cooper

AGE: 35


CHARGES: Two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: Skiatook Police officer Chris Edwards during the late evening of June 14, came into contact with a woman later identified as Katie Lynn Cooper. That contact led to Edwards arresting Cooper on outstanding municipal warrants. During a conversation with Cooper, Officer Edwards learned she was in possession of a pill bottle that contained two different types of pills — some blue and some orange. Edwards secured the pills as evidence to be forwarded to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for testing. An Osage County District Court warrant for Cooper’s arrest was issued July 23.

NAME: William Ray Matthews

AGE: 59


CHARGE: Petit larceny

DETAILS: Osage Nation Police Department Investigator Mike Kennedy reported that on the morning of July 10, he began work on a larceny of lost property case that had an assigned value of $2,000. Kennedy reviewed an initial case report, as well as video footage, in regard to a report of a casino patron losing her wallet on the premises. Officers were able to identify a man who picked up the wallet and left the casino with it as William Ray Matthews. Court records show Matthews pleaded guilty July 24 to petit larceny, and was sentenced to pay $2,500 of restitution at a rate of $300 per month, starting Sept. 5. He was also sentenced to pay $40 per month to the District Attorney’s office until he has completed a total payment of a $960 prosecution reimbursement fee.

NAME: Catherine N. Hall

AGE: 25


CHARGES: Public intoxication, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police officer William Wamego responded to an incident the afternoon of July 17 in the west parking area of the Hometown Foods grocery store in Pawhuska. He separated a man and woman who were involved in an argument. The officer reported that the man and woman were “yelling and screaming.” In the course of talking with the woman, identified as Catherine N. Hall, the officer reached the conclusion that she was intoxicated. The officer noted Hall’s “speech was fast, she could not maintain a topic, she had quick and uncontrollable body movements and jerks.” In the process of arresting Hall, the officer searched her purse and reported finding “a glass smoke device.” According to court records, she pleaded no contest during a July 24 hearing.

NAME: Brandon A. Jeffries

AGE: 23

RESIDENCE: Peoria, Arizona

CHARGES: Public intoxication, and resisting an officer

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police Officer Blake Burch was on foot patrol about 10 p.m. July 17, when he and fellow officers began an investigation that led to the arrest of Brandon Jeffries. Burch noted that Jeffries allegedly had “red, blood shot eyes, slurred speech and an odor coming off his person that associated with an alcoholic beverage.” The officer also reported that Jeffries resisted being arrested for public drunkenness. Court records show Jeffries pleaded not guilty, and the case was set on the misdemeanor docket for Oct. 5.

NAME: Jesse Arron Baker

AGE: 33


CHARGE: Obstructing an officer

DETAILS: Osage County deputy Jeff Jones reported that the arrest of Jesse Baker resulted from actions the suspect took to obstruct an attempt by law officers to look for an assault suspect in a biker club in McCord during the early morning hours of July 21. Jones reported officers were attempting to enter a biker club to search for an assault suspect identified as Micky Weber. According to Jones, Baker positioned himself in a manner such that officers were blocked from entering the biker club. “He refused to move and allow deputies to continue the investigation,” Jones said in his application for an arrest warrant for Baker. When an officer attempted to place Baker under arrest, he physically resisted, Jones said. As a result, an officer took Baker to the ground, and he was subsequently placed in restraints and then placed in the rear of a patrol car. An arrest warrant was issued July 24 for Jesse Baker, and he pleaded not guilty on the same day. His case has been set for Oct. 5.

NAME: Micky Weber

AGE: 40


CHARGE: Assault and battery

DETAILS: Officers arrested Micky Weber in regard to an alleged assault on a man named Kent Bell at Sadie’s Bar in McCord. Witnesses reportedly told officers who responded to Sadie’s that Weber and two other men from a biker club nearby walked into Sadie’s and Weber punched Bell, the bar proprietor, and knocked him unconscious. When officers spoke with Bell at the Ponca City Hospital, Bell said that he had told Weber that he and the other members of the biker group were banned from Sadie’s and should leave and not come back. That’s when Weber hit him, Bell said. Officers reportedly found the door locked as they attempted to enter the biker club to find Weber. They reportedly knocked, announced their presence, and waited, but eventually ended up kicking the door open. Weber was arraigned July 24. He pleaded not guilty. His case has been set for Oct. 5. He has been ordered to have no contact with Bell.