Application deadline coming July 14

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

If you’re young and bright and dying for something different and challenging to do this summer, imagine going to a film camp for a week. In Pawhuksa, even.

Well, if you’re 14-19 years old and you’re passionate about any area of the film industry, you’ve got until July 14 to fill out the application for the Pawhuska Film School Camp, which is scheduled from July 23-27.

Just send an email to preservingartsintheosage@gmail.com to obtain an application. The school will be limited to 12-15 students. The instruction will be offered free of charge.

Elle Jewell, a TV and film producer with a home in Pawhuska, is organizing the camp and providing information to those who might be interested.

“I just am so excited and so honored to bring this to Pawhuska and to the kids,” Jewell said.

Selected students are to receive hands-on experience, using state-of-the-art equipment, from veterans of the film industry. Instructors are to include John Sjogren, David Von Roehm, Kerry Wallum, Elle Jewell, Kyle Warren, and special guest, Joe Estevez.

Von Roehm teaches film at a performing arts school in New Jersey, and helps young artists get their films entered in festivals. He is also an adjunct professor of film at Stockton University, in New Jersey. Estevez is the younger brother of the actor Martin Sheen. Wallum has a background as a stuntman, actor, writer, producer and director. He is currently collaborating with Willie Nelson on building the film production franchise Luck Films.

Jewell explained that students will learn different aspects of film-making, from acting, storyboard, and scriptwriting, to filming, animation, editing, and presentation. There will be five days of intensive, one-on-one mentorship, training and project completion. On the final afternoon, attendees will present their work at the historic Constantine Theater, she said.

This opportunity is sponsored by Preserving Arts in the Osage, OK Creative Communities, Pawhuska, and Enel Green Power.

Jewell said she is thrilled and humbled by the willingness of people from the film industry to give their time and talent to make the Pawhuska camp possible, and that she is similarly humbled by the willingness of the local community to support the camp.

“I am just so honored and pleased with the community support,” Jewell said. “That’s how we’re able to allow these kids to have the camp for free.”

For additional information about the film camp, call Jewell at (918) 706-5454.