Neufeld: Students come first when it comes to ed funding

Robert Smith rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com

In a blog post this week, the superintendent of Pawhuska Public Schools called for continued activism on behalf of education funding and improved public school programs in Oklahoma.

Janet Neufeld cited a need to “discern and challenge those who have placed less of a priority on education in Oklahoma.” She also called for an active approach to upcoming elections.

“We will have many important elections coming up and this is where the ‘people speak’ and carry the banner for supporting education friendly advocates in our legislature,” Neufeld said. She emphasized several issues as important ones for friends of education to address.

The issues she highlighted include: putting students first by increasing curriculum offerings and opportunities; continuing to advocate for adequate teacher salaries; recruiting and keeping qualified staff members; reducing turnover among teachers; and the establishment of a long-term plan for education funding.

Neufeld said she realized that the recent Oklahoma public school teacher walkout was an emotionally charged time for many people in the Pawhuska community.

“We realize there were many emotions that filtered through our community regarding the work stoppage,” Neufeld said. “But overwhelmingly, we heard our community voice their support of our educators in advocating for more funding and supporting the work stoppage.”