Lemmons sees education as state priority

Robert Smith rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com

BARNSDALL — Jared Lemmons, a 28-year-old Oklahoma State University graduate who has been teaching agriculture at Pawhuska High School about five years, is among the candidates seeking to unseat Rep. Sean Roberts in House District 36.

Lemmons is one of five candidates, including the incumbent, who filed to run for the District 36 seat this year. All of them filed as Republicans, so the race will be decided in the GOP primary.

Lemmons recently told the Barnsdall Chamber of Commerce that he views education as a priority for state government, but doesn’t view himself as a taxation extremist.

“I believe education is a priority,” he said. “I do not consider myself an extremist. I don’t believe in taxing everybody to death to make it happen.”

Though Lemmons is young, he said that he has always been interested in taking steps to establish himself in the community where he lives. He has been active, for instance, in the Pawhuska Chamber of Commerce in recent years. He also said he has had an abiding interest in serving the community by seeking election to public office.

“It’s something that I have always considered doing,” Lemmons said. Asked by the Barnsdall Chamber about the incumbent, Lemmons said he understands Roberts has not supported many education measures.

“People have expressed that he is hard to get ahold of,” Lemmons also said of the incumbent. Lemmons said that a group of people recently approached him about running for the Dist. 36 seat.

Lemmons characterized himself as someone who tends to see potential where others may not see it. He reflected on his work as an agriculture teacher in the Pawhuska School District.

“When I first took over the job at Pawhuska, it was not what you would call a desirable program,” Lemmons said. “I stayed in Pawhuska because I saw potential in the program.”

Lemmons said he is someone with “strong Christian roots,” and his faith is an important influence on his life choices.