Free dump day set Saturday

Robert Smith rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com

Osage County commissioners and Emergency Management officials are keen to increase the popularity and effectiveness of the Free Dump Day that the county offers to the public. The next Free Dump Day is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

“It has really grown the last two or three years,” says Jerry Roberts, director of Emergency Management.

District 1 Commissioner Jerry Howerton echoed that sentiment.

“On the Free Dump Day, it makes a huge impact,” he said. What county officials are concerned about is keeping waste of all types from ending up on area roads and roadsides. Free Dump Day does that by taking some items out of circulation, and by encouraging a culture of proper waste disposal.

What Howerton and others in county government would like is for citizens to develop a greater awareness of situations where people may be engaged in improper and even dangerous dumping.

Howerton told a hair-raising story about how someone dumped pieces of thick glass along public roadways all the way from 9th Street in Bartlesville to Ball Ranch, south of Bowring, on a recent Saturday. The glass was anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to one inch thick, he said.

“There wasn’t more on one side than on the other,” Howerton said, recalling how thoroughly covered in glass the roadway was. About 4 p.m. that Saturday, he sent a three-man crew to respond to the situation, and the crew got through with the work about 9 p.m., Howerton said.

District 2 Commissioner Kevin Paslay asked other officials what Osage County can do to help residents who want to dispose of items that will not be accepted on Free Dump Day.

Roberts said there is an outfit in Tulsa called The M.E.T. that takes many items Osage County will not be accepting. The M.E.T. is short for Metropolitan Environmental Trust, which can be contacted by phone at (918) 584-0584.

Residents will be allowed to drop off items at six county shop facilities, free of charge. According to the county, the six sites where dump items will be accepted are:

(1) the District 1 shop at 8th and Pecan in Pawhuska; (2) the District 1 shop at 60810 Highway 11 in Shidler (west of the city on State Highway 11); (3) the District 1 shop at 506 S. Fifth St., Barnsdall; (4) the District 2 shop at 2850 W. 133rd St. N., Skiatook; (5) the District 3 shop at 100 N. First St., Fairfax; and (6) the District 3 shop at 604 Cotton Gin, Hominy.

For more information about how Free Dump Day will be conducted at the District 1 shop facilities, call 1-800-259-1570. For more information about the District 2 location, call (918) 396-2747. For more information about the District 3 locations, call (918) 642-5217.

According to the county, the following types of items will be accepted for disposal: passenger tires without rims (no tire dealers), appliances/furniture, mattresses/box springs, and wood/brush.

Items that will not be accepted include: household trash, household hazardous waste, commercial or contractor trash, paint or other chemicals, and roofing materials.