Bust nets 5 lbs of meth

Robert Smith | rsmith@pawhuskajournalcapital.com
Xiongkou Her

A take-down force of more than 20 law officers late Monday arrested four men in rural Osage County on complaints of trafficking in illegal drugs, and use of a firearm while committing a felony.

Osage County Sheriff Eddie Virden and District Attorney Rex Duncan said officers recovered more than five pounds of methamphetamine during the arrests, as well as four firearms — an AK-47 rifle, a pump-action shotgun, a revolver and a Glock G22.

Both Virden and Duncan said they believed this was the single-largest quantity of meth ever confiscated in Osage County during a single enforcement operation.

“Nobody in my office knows of one larger,” Duncan said, explaining that even members of his staff who have been with the D.A.’s office nearly 20 years had no memory of a larger meth confiscation.

Officers from several law enforcement agencies arrested four men identified as Veng Xiong, 31, of Tulsa; Ken Lee, 23, of Tulsa; Xiongkou Her, 22, of Tulsa; and Kosh Kash Cannady Lor, 23, of Tulsa.

Duncan said the four men will be prosecuted for aggravated trafficking, an offense punishable by a sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

Virden said the suspects were not just in possession of firearms, but were maintaining them at the ready when officers moved in on them. No one was hurt during the enforcement operation, he said.

Law enforcement agencies involved in the operation that led to the arrests included the Osage County Sheriff’s Department, the Osage Nation Police Department’s Drug Task Force, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Pawhuska Police Department and the Hominy Police Department.