Eli Potts makes run for ON Congress

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Eli Potts

Eli Potts recently announced his candidacy for Osage Nation Congress.

Potts was introduced to Osage government through my mother, National Councilwoman Cheryl R. Potts, as a young boy in the mid-1990s. Since that time, Potts has prepared for a life of public service.

As an Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship recipient, Potts earned an associate of arts degree from Tulsa Community College, a bachelor of arts degree in political science in 2013, and a master’s of public administration degree in 2015, both from the University of Oklahoma. During that time, Potts was chosen to work directly under university President, David L. Boren, where he taught democracy labs and encouraged civic engagement among students.

Potts has been employed by state and tribal governments since graduation in 2009 and have been active in local politics since high school. During college, he served in the Office of Congressman Dan Boren in the United States House of Representatives and sought election to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2010 as one of the youngest candidates in state history. In 2014, Potts started a successful political consulting firm which focuses on getting grassroots candidates elected to state offices. Since 2015, he have been employed as the budget analyst with the Osage Nation Congress.

During his time as Congressional Budget Analyst, Potts has gained the experience necessary to serve as your next Congressman. Through firsthand experience, I believe the following issues deserve our attention.

• In three years, the Nation has utilized three different budgetary processes to fund the operations of the government. The Nation is on the heels of two unnecessary Supreme Court decisions regarding its budget process. Congress needs to show some leadership and work with the executive branch to provide a budgetary process in Osage law that both parties can agree to. Our national budget deserves consistency and continuity, Potts said.

• The Osage Nation needs strong Congressional leaders to protect the Higher Education Scholarship and the Health Benefit, Potts said.

• Potts said he was able to earn a master’s degree because the Osage Nation invested in his future. Potts said he will fight to secure that investment for all Osages.

• Potts said as an expectant father, he knows how beneficial the health benefit will be to his family and yours. Potts said he will fight to fully fund the Health Benefit for current and future generations.

• Potts said he will fully support the Plan D-Prescription Drug coverage and the Medigap supplement for Osage elders.

• The preservation of the Osage language is paramount and he supports the nation’s immersion program, Potts said.

• Millions have been lost by our LLC’s. The Osage Nation must do better. It’s time to invest in small proven businesses and their expansion endeavors. It’s time to finally diversify our business enterprises, Potts said.

These are just some of the ideas Potts said he has to move our Nation forward.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Potts said. “I hope you’ll visit my webpage and learn more about how we can work together to move the Osage Nation forward.”

Potts’ website is www.EliPotts.com. He also has a Facebook page — www.facebook.com/Potts4Congress.