Strom announces run for District 10

Nathan Thompson |
Judd Strom

Republican Judd Strom has announced his candidacy for state representative, Oklahoma House District 10. The district includes all of Nowata County, as well as areas of northern Osage and Washington counties. He will face incumbent Rep. Travis Dunlap, R-Bartlesville, for the seat in the June 26 Republican primary election.

Strom graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2005. He has raised cattle and worked with his family on the Strom Ranch near Hulah Lake, since then. Strom also serves as a lead field technician for Moore Pipeline Services in Pawhuska. He is certified by the OSU Extension Agency as a master cattlemen, a member of the Osage County Cattlemen’s Association and he serves on the Hulah Volunteer Fire Department.

Strom said he made the decision to run against Dunlap because he “lost faith” in Dunlap’s lack of leadership at the State Capitol. He also said Dunlap is not representing the people of House District 10, but instead representing special interest groups.

“After two terms, I’ve lost faith in Mr. Dunlap as my representative in the Oklahoma House,” Strom said. “He’s a good man. His voting record, however, reflects a vision of conservatism that has only served to hamper personal and professional growth of individuals, families, and industry in District 10 and for all of Oklahoma.”

Strom said Dunlap has not taken leadership in addressing Oklahoma’s continued budget shortfalls, teacher shortage and revenue problems, which Strom feels is the priority.

“Right now, our lawmakers must decide not if, but how, we’re going to invest in Oklahoma’s future,” he said. “That investment must lend to improvements in our educational system, including fair pay for our teachers. It must force improvements, including greater oversight, to our healthcare system. Also, we must invest in our failing infrastructure.”

According to Strom, there are opportunities to address these issues and he is committed to representing the constituents of District 10 in finding those solutions.

“There are revenue generating opportunities available to us to pay for these investments without raising Oklahoman’s income taxes or pricing our state out of commercial opportunity,” Strom said. “We must capitalize on these opportunities now. We must work together to move Oklahoma forward.”

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