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The Osage Mineral Council Candidate Forum will be held from 2-4 p.m. March 3 at the Osage Casino-Skiatook


Boy Scout Spring signup will be held from 5-7:30 p.m. March 12 in the Methodist Church basement in Pawhuska. Boy Scouting started in Pawhuska in 1909, this is your chance to be part of history. Younger Scouts will be able to attend day camp in June, while older Scouts will camp starting in April. Look for handouts to be distributed March 9. For more information contact Randy Haddon (918) 640-3635.



The Osage Nation Museum and Osage Teaching Artist Addie Roanhorse will be conducting a Monotype Printmaking Workshop in conjunction with the Traditional Values/Contemporary Vision: Works by Gina Gray exhibition from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 3. This workshop is free and open to the public of all ages. No prior experience is necessary.


An Annual School Runoff Election will be held for Board of Education Office No. 3 in Pawhuska I-2 School District on April 3. State law requires the runoff election if no candidate in the regular Annual School Election receives more than 50 percent of the total votes cast.

Andrea Conner, Secretary of the Osage County Election Board, said that Board of Education candidates Danny Ferguson and Scott D. Laird received the highest number of votes in the Feb. 13, election and therefore will meet in the runoff election on April 3.

Danny Ferguson received 373 votes and Scott D. Laird received 335 votes in the Annual School Election, while Newton Cass received 56 votes, Jennifer R. Gray received 32 votes and Patrick Luey received 8 votes. A total of 804 votes were cast in the election.

Voters who are registered and reside at an address within the geographical boundaries of the Pawhuska School District are eligible to vote in the runoff election on April 3.

For more election related information, contact the Osage County Election Board at (918) 287-3036, e-mail at, visit or our website at


March 9 is the last day to apply for voter registration in order to be eligible to vote in the April 3, Pawhuska I-2 annual school runoff election, Osage County Election Board Secretary Andrea Conner said.

Conner said that persons who are United States citizens, residents of Oklahoma, and at least 18 years old may apply to become registered voters.

Persons who have never been registered to vote before or who are not currently registered in the county of their residence and persons who are registered but who need to change their registration information may apply by filling out and mailing an Oklahoma Voter Registration Application form in time for it to be postmarked no later than midnight Friday, March 9, 2018.

Conner explained that applications postmarked after that time will still be accepted and processed; however, the applications will not be approved until after April 3.

The County Election Board responds in writing to every person who submits an application for voter registration. The response is either a voter identification card listing the new voter’s precinct number and polling place location or a letter that explains the reason or reasons the application for voter registration was not approved. Conner said that any person who has submitted a voter registration application and who has not received a response within 30 days should contact the County Election Board office at (918) 287-3036 or email

Oklahoma Voter Registration Application forms are available at the County Election Board office located at 630 Kihekah Ave, Pawhuska, and at most post offices, tag agencies, and public libraries in the county. Conner said that applications also are available at our website or the state website, and voters can check their registration status at


Osage County Election Board Secretary Andrea Conner announced today that the Pawhuska I-2 School District has opted to close Precincts 102, 103, 110, 111, 113, 301 and 306 in Osage County for its annual runoff school election scheduled on April 3.

State Law allows a city to close a precinct if it’s not entirely within the city’s boundaries and if there are fewer than 100 registered voters in that part of the precinct that is located in the school district. There are 25 voters in precinct 102, 2 voters in precinct 103, 33 voters in precinct 110, 2 voters in precinct 111, 0 voters in precinct 113, 3 voters in precinct 301 and 1 voter in precinct 306 that are located in the Pawhuska I-2 School District.

Any registered voters in Precincts 102, 103, 110, 111, 113, 301 & 306 who believe that he or she may reside in the Pawhuska I-2 School District and who have not yet received an absentee ballot application from the County Election Board should call the office immediately at (918) 287-3036 or email