Tennie Slone | J-C correspondent


The Wynona Christmas Parade will be 10 a.m. Dec. 16. Everyone who can, should have a float or be a part of this parade, it means so much to all ages, but especially the little ones. Santa Claus will be there to hand out goodies and take pictures with the kids. Plan to attend and pass the word around to everyone you know!

WYNONA SCHOOL NEWS (Submitted by Supt. Shelly Shulanberger)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Robotics Team! It placed fourth in the Alva competition. They will be traveling to Ft. Smith, Ark., to compete in the regional competition on Dec. 2. They will leave on Nov. 30 and return on Dec. 2. If you would like to make a donation to sponsor their trip, they would be forever grateful! The team consists of : Rorie Young, Eli Black, Lacey Welch, Michael Surls, Lexi Patrick, and Jerraca Stansberry. They are coached by Mr. Powell.


Wynonans are sad and offer their condolences to the many family members and friends of Leota Robinson, who passed away last week. Leota was a sweet lady, friendly and nice to everyone. She always had a smile on her face and everyone who knew her loved her. We will all miss Leota!


Once again, Wynonans are asked to keep their dogs contained and not let them run loose. There have been many complaints about dogs running loose in other people’s yards, making messes, scaring little kids and adults, eating food that people have left out for their own cats or dogs. There is a leash law and dogs are supposed to be in a pen, inside a fence or tied. Please follow the law and keep from getting a citation!!


Wynonans are reminded that they have to put their trash in trash bags and not leave it loose. The trash truck employees will not pick it up if it is loose.