Interim manager selected

Nathan Thompson |

The city of Pawhuska has named longtime Hominy civic-servant Larry Eulert as interim city manager, replacing Mike McCartney, who suddenly resigned on Oct. 26.

During a special City Council meeting on Oct. 31, Eulert was appointed to the post after being asked by Pawhuska City Attorney John Heskett if Eulert was willing to serve.

“I was on the Hominy City Council for 24 years and then became the treasurer for the city,” Eulert said. “I also served as Hominy’s city manager and then retired, but I still serve as city treasurer. I was happy to be asked to serve in the interim basis here in Pawhuska, too.”

In January 2014, Eulert retired from the First Bank of Hominy after 43 years. He still serves on the board of directors for the bank. The 71-year-old Eulert said he hopes his background in finance will serve Pawhuskans well.

“Finances are my forte. I love it,” Eulert said. “I still serve as a consultant for another city about an hour and a half away and worked with Mike (McCartney) during the budgeting process in Pawhuska. Even though I am retired from the banking business, I have found if you don’t have something to do in retirement, you’re wasting an opportunity. I’ve got to have some reason to get up in the morning and I am happy to help Pawhuska in this temporary position.”

Eulert said he in not under any contract with the city of Pawhuska, so when the City Council finds a permanent city manager, he will be able to step away. Monday was Eulert’s first day on the job.

While he is serving full time as interim Pawhuska City Manager, Eulert will receive $4,200 per month in compensation and a $500 allowance for transportation. Eulert said he will also continue as treasurer for the city of Hominy. His first Pawhuska City Council meeting was Tuesday night.

McCartney, Pawhuska’s previous city manager, served for just over three years before tendering his resignation.