Price Tower seeks ‘The Wright Chef’

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

The Price Tower Arts Center is looking for chefs with the Wright stuff. The center launched The Wright Chef, the only culinary artist in residence program in the U.S. this week.

The application period for the program opened this week. Candidates will compete for the opportunity to create culinary masterpieces from the 15th and 16th floors of Frank Lloyd Wright’s only realized skyscraper, the Price Tower. The residency will provide professional and amateur chef’s the chance to take their career to the next level by participating in this program under the mentorship of Chef Kurtess Mortensen.

The Wright Chef is part of an emerging artist and residency program at the Price Tower Arts Center. The culinary artist will be able to master their art while also learning to master the business of a restaurant without the burden and risks associated with startup enterprises. At the same time, the winner will benefit from living in one of the boutique suites of the Inn at Price Tower, living and breathing art in its many forms.

The Price Tower is a National historic landmark that has been recognized among many of the world’s most elite architectural masterpieces; most recently with a Keeping It Modern award from the Getty Foundation in 2017. Today, it serves as a community art center with a mission that celebrates art, architecture, and design while at the same time inspiring artists and audiences with diverse art experiences and exhibitions. Among these, the Wright Chef Culinary Artist in Residence is the first of the Center’s emerging artist programs.

With breathtaking views at sunset and high rise dining, the Wright Chef will take their creations to new heights with the inspiration that only the Price Tower can offer in spirit and stature, and the opportunity to serve visitors from around the world. For more details or to apply, visit www.thewrightchef.com