Superintendent’s Blog: Technology vital resource for students

Dr. Jan Neufeld | Pawhuska superintendent

I recently attended a workshop at the Oklahoma Education Technology K-20 center to begin the process of participating in the Phase l leadership program.

This will eventually assist the district in becoming eligible to write a technology grant. The major aspect of the professional days was to examine ways in which technology serves to deepen the student education and engagement experience in school.

At our March board meeting, members of Mrs. Richardson’s Algebra l class shared their personal experiences using Chromebooks purchased as a part of the Chromebook pilot program approved by the Board of Education. The students explained how the Chromebooks had become a part of the instructional activities in their classroom and deepened their engagement in their coursework. They shared ways in which they were challenged to become more active learners to become stronger and higher achieving students with the access to mobile technology.

As we look to the future, we anticipate that we will expand our 1:1 initiative in Pawhuska. This means more students will each have a mobile device as a part of their academic plan in their school. We will be able to acquire more digital resources, curriculum and prescriptive software to increase reading skills. We will also have the ability to provide more project based learning experiences in which students may use their devices for acquiring data, doing internet research, teacher directed class projects and creating data bases to track projects.

One website I like to use to learn more about digital learning is teach thought, “We Grow Teachers.” One of the founding agreements in a 1:1 initiative is the shared ownership of the definition of digital citizenship. Our board adopted policies for our pilot Chromebook 1:1 initiative may be found on our website at: www.pawhuskadistrict.org. We look forward to sharing more information with you as we move towards the acquisition of additional technology for all grades.