Vyve announces 200 meg service here

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Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Vyve Broadband’s mission is to provide rural communities with world-class broadband Internet service that levels the playing field. Recently, Vyve has taken the next step in that mission with the launch of 200 megabit-per-second internet service to customers in Pawhuska.

The Vyve team recently completed successful testing of 200 meg service, and it is now available to local residents and businesses in Pawhuska. The boost to 200 meg service nearly doubles the fastest Internet speeds available. Residents with multiple connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and gaming systems will be able to run their devices concurrently without interruption.

“We are excited to add Pawhuska to our growing list of 200 meg markets,” said Jeffrey DeMond, chief executive officer for Vyve Broadband. ‘’Vyve 200’ will be a key product for certain business and residential customers who have unique needs, such as people who work from home or those using graphics-heavy gaming and visual design software. These folks will have the speed and bandwidth they need.”

“It’s clear that the online technology, information and entertainment landscape is evolving on an almost daily basis. What’s incredibly fast today will be the norm tomorrow,” DeMond says. “Vyve is building the network now that our customers will want and demand in the future. We’re committed to long-term relationships with our customers, and part of that commitment is looking not only at their current needs, but what their needs will be several years down the road.”

This upgraded service represents another milestone in the ongoing drive by Vyve to provide cutting-edge broadband speeds in rural markets that have traditionally lagged behind in technology offerings. Vyve investments in Oklahoma since the company launched in late 2013 have more than doubled the average speed for existing customers. Vyve is already offering ‘Vyve Gig’ (1,000 Megabits) in select markets and is testing in many more.

Customers who are interested in ‘Vyve 200’ service to call 1-855-FOR-VYVE.

About Vyve Broadband LLC

Vyve Broadband, founded in 2012, is an innovative company serving largely non-urban communities in nine states, including Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Colorado and Wyoming. A technology leader in the cable and broadband sectors, Vyve Broadband offers an extensive range of broadband, fiber connectivity, cable television and voice services for commercial and residential customers. Vyve was formed as a platform to provide the very best next-generation services and features available along with a sector-leading customer experience. Residential services include high-speed Internet with speeds up to 1 Gig, all-digital, high-definition video and fully featured digital voice. Vyve Business Services include optical Ethernet, PRI and hosted voice services for the business community.