Sponslor arrested in B.A.

Staff report

A 34-year-old substitute teacher accused of exposing herself at a Pawhuska public school in January has been re-arrested in Broken Arrow as she was out on bond for the first case.

According to reports, 34-year-old Lacey Dawn Sponslor of Pawhuska was arrested March 16 by Broken Arrow Police after she reportedly stole a woman’s purse at a bowling alley.

Reports indicate that items inside the stolen purse were worth $1,000, pushing the charge to grand larceny. She was arrested on the scene after being identified by witnesses.

At the time of the arrest, Sponsler was free on $5,000 bond after her high profile arrest in January, in which she, a substitute teacher, performed a cartwheel in front of Pawhuska school students while wearing a dress with no underwear on Jan. 31. According to authorities in that case, one of the students recorded a video the cartwheel on a cellphone.

She was taken into custody a few hours later and a felony charge of indecent exposure was later filed against her, and the school system removed her as a substitute teacher.

Police said during initial questioning Sponsler denied exposing herself. When they informed her about the cellphone video, she told them she “did not remember performing a cartwheel,” the police added.

Bond was set at $1,000 in the new case.