Tennie Slone J-C correspondent
Wynona Police Chief Harold Hughs receives the keys to a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse from a representative of Enbridge Energy Co. Submitted


(Submitted by Superintendent Shelley Shulanberger)

I have noticed a lot of local students arriving at school without coats or wearing shorts.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, which will help us avoid schoolwide sickness. This is a very important time in their lives and they need to be at school as much as possible to receive the best education.

The basketball teams and cheerleaders both began selling Yankee Candles on Jan. 12.

I would like to announce the 2017 Basketball Homecoming Royalty: freshman attendants are Jasmine Holland and Dylan Rykard. Sophomore attendant Clara Hough will be escorted by senior Jason Richmond. Junior attendants are Hailey Towell and James Kanke. Senior attendants are Randi Dryden and David King. Flower girl is Hope Pappan and the crown bearer is Chayton Bogan.

Homecoming will be Thursday, Feb. 2.

Wynona schools were closed Friday, Jan. 13, due to the forecasted ice storms. We want our children safe in all situations, including those which are weather-related.


The Wynona Police Department recently received a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse, donated by Enbridge Energy.

Enbridge has previously given several $1,000 grants to the Fire Department and one for the Police Department.

About a year ago, Town Clerk Tennie Slone and then-Police Chief Brian Lenington submitted a grant request to Enbridge for a police department vehicle. Company officials told us there were no vehicles available at that time, but they said we would be placed on a waiting list.

Brent Rash from Enbridge contacted us about the Traverse a month or so ago. The company made arrangements with Police Chief Harold Hughs to donate the car to the Department.

We are very thankful to companies like Enbridge for having the interests of small towns like Wynona on their agendas.


Any time Wynona Schools close for bad weather, the Wynona Town Hall will be closed, as well.

We don't want any of our customers or employees to get hurt on ice or snow. If the closure is on a day that would cause bills to be late, we will extend service for a day to make up the difference.