Bartlesville native designs bottles to make babies happier

Nathan Thompson
The LUX Baby Bottle is demonstrated by Myles Hyche, the son of company founder and Bartlesville native Lisa Hyche. The product launched just after the new year. Provided

A Bartlesville native with ties to Pawhuska launched a new business just after the new year, making better baby bottles available to moms across the nation.

Lisa (Blacknoll) Hyche said her product, called the LUX Baby Bottle, emulates a mother’s nursing essence while fostering the proper nursing technique for a fully satisfied and happy baby, resulting in a better night’s sleep for all.

“I’m a working mom of three, so after I had my third baby I knew I would have to head back to work and I was wanting my baby to easily accept something as a substitute to my natural nursing,” Hyche said.

Hyche is the daughter of Wildie Carnell “Connie” Blacknoll, who was raised in Pawhuska. He was a standout football player for Pawhuska High School, where he later graduated.

Hyche is a 1996 graduate of Bartlesville High School. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma and settled in Oklahoma City with her family, where she has worked in the aerospace industry for 12 years. When she was preparing to go back to work after having her son Myles, she started shopping around the area for a baby bottle that would suit her baby’s needs and also satisfy Hyche’s desire for a more natural experience. Her father originally was from Pawhuska.

“When I was shopping around, most baby bottles are hard and rigid, not soft and supple,” Hyche said. “I wanted Myles to have to the same comfort of mom when he was nursing and I couldn’t find the right product. I found some that were silicone and round in shape, but I still wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be with the design. That’s when I started working with the manufacturer to develop something that took the best aspects of other bottles and combine them together.”

Hyche said the silicone LUX Baby Bottle simulates the breast, with a wider, softer, supple, skin-like nipple base that presses against baby’s face while feeding, to mimic the feeling of breastfeeding. The bottle’s squeezable, breast-like design supports baby’s natural mouth position and sucking rhythm for the right flow, perfectly emulating a natural latch for the milk release that baby wants.

“The product I developed is more upscale than an everyday baby bottle,” Hyche said. “I wanted something very special and something different. With the all-silicone design, the LUX Baby Bottle is soft and squishy, mimicking the mother’s breast. The design is wider than traditional bottles and makes it easier for the baby to hold.”

After months of testing and development, Hyche launched LUX Baby Bottle last week. The bottle currently comes in two different sizes and two different colors. The LUX Baby Bottle is also reasonably priced for such a high-end bottle, costing no more than $14. It is currently available online at www.luxbabybottle.com or through www.amazon.com.

Hyche said she is working with other retailers to make the LUX Baby Bottle more widely available.

“I have been working with a couple of large retailers, and it looks promising,” she said. “You will soon be able to find the LUX Baby Bottle in smaller boutique stores as well. I’ve even reached out to a boutique back home in Bartlesville, and they are excited to see the product.”

Hyche said she is also considering making the LUX Baby Bottle available in Pawhuska.