Red Corn donates historic photographs

Staff Writer
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

PAWHUSKA —Hallie Winter, curator at the Osage Nation Museum, announced this week the largest gift of photographic material in the museum’s 78-year history. Approximately 1,000 photographs and documents related to Osage history were donated by Osage Nation’s Assistant Principal Chief, Raymond W. Red Corn.

Red Corn said, “I want to dedicate this collection to the memory of my parents, Raymond Red Corn Jr. and Waltina. My father had a collection of Ho-ta-moie photographs and rare 1895 stereoviews of Pawhuska, which he gave me, forming the core of this collection.”

The gift includes historic photographs and real photo post cards that pertain to Osage history and culture. Many prominent Osage individuals from the turn of the century are depicted as well as images from the early days of Pawhuska and Fairfax.

“I hope people enjoy seeing these photographs as much as I enjoyed collecting them,” Red Cord said. “My sons will tell you about the loud groans I heard if I braked for a junk shop or an antique mall in our family travels. I had to invest a fair amount of time dealing in collectible postcards and photographs to support the acquisition of quality Osage material, but it was worth it.

“In the past few years the Osage Nation has invested in fire suppression and security systems at the Museum. That contributed to my confidence that the Osage Nation Museum was the right place to share this collection with the Osage people and the general public.”

The Osage Nation Museum is located at 819 Grandview Ave. in Pawhuska. For more information, call 918-287-5441, find the museum on Facebook or visit