Pawhuska schools increase security

Emily Droege |

Pawhuska schools increased the visibility of law enforcement officials earlier this month.

Superintendent Jan Neufeld said schools across the country face the risk of safety intrusions, and the local administration, along with school board members, devoted a significant amount of time coming up with a plan to increase safety and security for students and staff on Pawhuska school campuses.

She said that the collaboration and expertise of school principals has “gone very well.”

“The feedback from parents, students, and teachers are that the pre-planning has been a big support to our school community and school campuses and helps them to feel more confident about safety while their students are in school,” she said.

She added that student safety is a top priority among the school board and administration.

“The allocation of law enforcement on our campuses has been requested by school officials and comes under the consideration of the City Manager Larry Eulert. A planning meeting was held last week with stakeholders to determine what that allocation from the city and county might look like in terms of officers assigned to our schools,” said Neufeld.

“The school administration made their requests to law enforcement what times of the day an increased presence of law enforcement might be the best.”