Pawhuska student in custody following Monday school threat

Robert Smith

A Pawhuska parent early Monday contacted municipal police about a threat vocalized by their child, and police took the youth into custody and began an investigation, Pawhuska Police Chief Rex Wikel said. The youth has been identified only as a current student at Pawhuska High School.

Wikel said the youth never set foot on campus Monday morning at Pawhuska High, and there was no injury to anyone as a result of the incident. Monday was the first day of school following a week of spring break.

Wikel said he did not recall any other threat this school year that his department has had to handle, but he clarified the Pawhuska police take any threat against the schools very seriously and allow the court system to decide on the best course of action.

The chief made no comment on any result of the investigation.

Pawhuska Public Schools and the Pawhuska Police Department each posted a brief note online about the threat. The school provided an assurance that students and staff had not been in danger. The school system also thanked the police for their swift action.

Superintendent David Cash echoed what Wikel had to say about the investigation of any and all threats.

“We take all threats seriously and investigate them to their fullest,” Cash said. “Fortunately, our school resource officer had that thing under control before we even knew about it.”

Cash said this was the first threat of its type this school year.