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EDITOR'S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until they plead guilty or are proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital should call Robert Smith at 918-287-7366.


Equipment theft

NAME: Misha Marie Barlow-Latty

AGE: 30


CHARGE: Grand larceny

DETAILS: The suspect was reportedly involved with the theft last November of a 16-foot utility trailer that was stolen along with a John Deere tractor, a frontend loader and a brush hog. Barlow-Latty was reportedly one of three suspects who took part in the activity. An arrest warrant was issued Feb. 5 in Osage County District Court.

Sand Springs vehicle operation

NAME: Tyler Acree

AGE: 32

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGE: Possession of a stolen vehicle

NAME: Joshua Wayne Montgomery

AGE: 24

RESIDENCE: Sand Springs

CHARGE: Possession of a stolen vehicle

DETAILS: Deputy Anthony Barrett investigated offenses that occurred Oct. 24, at 262 N. 197th West Ave. in Sand Springs. In an affidavit Barrett stated that Acree violated the Motor Vehicle Chop Shop, Stolen and Altered Property Act. Barrett said Acree had possession of a Harley Davidson Sportster that had been reported stolen and that Acree had several motorcycles and ATVs with VIN numbers scratched or sanded or ground off. A witness told the deputy that Acree and Montgomery were always in the shed, working on motorcycles or ATVs. In a hearing Feb. 13 in Osage County District Court, a not guilty plea was entered for Montgomery. An arrest warrant was issued Feb. 6 for Acree but has not yet been served.

Whole lotta fakin' goin on

NAME: Johnny Lavon Lott

AGE: 57


CHARGE: Falsely personate another to create liability

DETAILS: Pawhuska police officer William Wamego conducted a traffic stop on Sept. 2, on a 2004 Ford Taurus because the driver of the vehicle failed to stop and signal a turn before turning right from Main Street (State Highway 60) onto State Highway 99 South. According to Wamego, the suspect identified himself as John Henry Lott, and said he had a Kansas driver's license. While the officer was doing a records check, he was informed that Rogers County had a warrant or warrants for John Henry Lott and would like to place a hold on him. Wamego searched the suspect and reportedly found a small baggie and a clear vial with a white rock residue on the inside of both. Wamego wrote a ticket and the suspect signed the ticket but then reportedly said the warrant wasn't for him and the situation was a misunderstanding. The suspect was transported to the Osage County Jail, where he reportedly said his name was Johnny Lavon Lott, with a different date of birth from the one he had given when he said his name was John Henry Lott.

Wamego said he was able to positively identify the suspect as Johnny Lavon Lott, and Wamego obtained a photo from Rogers County of the person they knew as “John Henry Lott” and was then able to confirm that Johnny Lavon Lott was the same person that Rogers County showed as “John Henry Lott.” The officer was subsequently able to talk with the real John Henry Lott, who said Johnny Lavon Lott had used his name before. John Henry Lott asked that Johnny Lavon Lott be prosecuted for using his name. A preliminary hearing is set for April 18 in Osage County District Court.

Meth in the bra?

NAME: Amy Jo Moore

AGE: 44


CHARGE: Bringing contraband into jail

DETAILS: Deputy Johnny Porter was on duty Feb. 7 near the intersection of 129th and Blackjack in Sand Springs when he came into contact with Amy Moore. Porter said in an affidavit that he asked Moore why she was walking and inquired whether she would like a ride. Moore reportedly said she and her friend, Frank Burns, got into a verbal altercation at the Sand Springs casino and they both took off walking. Porter did a records check on Moore and received word that Osage, Tulsa and Creek counties had warrants out for her. Porter arrested her on the warrants. Before taking Moore into custody, the deputy asked her if she had anything illegal on her person, and she reportedly said that she did not. Upon arriving at the jail, Moore was asked by a female employee at the facility if she had any illegal items on her person, and she reportedly said again that she did not. During processing of Moore into the jail, a jail employee reportedly found two baggies of a white powdery substance in Moore's bra. The substance field-tested positive as methamphetamine. Moore's next court date is March 22, according to a court record.

Gun, drugs in parking deck

NAME: Kenneth Lynn Nicholson Jr.

AGE: 35


CHARGES: Possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction; and possession of a controlled dangerous substance

DETAILS: On Feb. 8, Officer Kyle Wilson of the Osage Nation Police Department assisted Tulsa Osage Casino Security with a person possibly discovered tampering with the ignition of a vehicle. Casino security told Wilson they had found a person sitting in a vehicle on the second floor of the parking garage. It looked like the person might be stripping the ignition of the vehicle, security told Wilson. When police officers arrived at the vehicle, they found no one in the driver's seat but a person apparently passed out in the front passenger seat. Officers attempted to speak with the person but he was unresponsive. In consideration of extremely cold temperatures, Wilson conducted a welfare check on the person and opened the passenger door of the vehicle. An individual later identified as Kenneth Lynn Nicholson Jr. sat up in the vehicle. As he opened the door, Wilson reportedly observed a pipe used for smoking narcotics. As Wilson helped Nicholson step out of the vehicle, the officer reportedly noticed a firearm on the passenger seat where Nicholson had been sitting. Wilson and another ONPD officer cooperated to take possession of the firearm and then conduct a records check on Nicholson. The officers found Nicholson to be a convicted felon. During a pat search conducted as Nicholson was being arrested, police also reportedly found a baggie containing a white crystal substance in one of his pockets. Nicholson has pleaded not guilty in Osage County District Court and his next court date is listed as April 26.

Stolen vehicle in a ditch

NAME: Thomas Lee McNeil

AGE: 36


CHARGE: Possession of a stolen vehicle

DETAILS: Deputy Kevin Young on Feb. 11 responded to a report of a vehicle in a ditch at Lake Road and Tall Chief Cove Road, and he came into contact with Thomas McNeil. The suspect exited a silver Buick bearing a paper dealer tag. Young arrested McNeil for public intoxication and the vehicle was initially left in the ditch, out of the roadway, because it had not yet been reported stolen. Young later learned from other deputies that the vehicle had been reported stolen from a Jesse Cooper in Tulsa. Tulsa police reportedly told Osage County deputies that the vehicle was taken during an assault on the owner. The assault reportedly involved a baseball bat. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for McNeil in Osage County District Court on April 4.

Report of child sexual abuse

NAME: Earl McDaniel

AGE: 33


CHARGES: Sexual abuse — child under 12; and performing a lewd act in the presence of a minor

DETAILS: Osage County criminal investigator Justin Kling became involved in December 2015, after an Amarillo, Texas, police officer filed a report that indicated he was responding to reports of child sexual abuse at a residence in the town of Osage. A 7-year-old girl told authorities she had witnessed the defendant watching “inappropriate scenes” on his computer. Through the service of a search warrant, authorities were able to remove a computer from the living area of the residence. The 7-year-old also reportedly told police she had witnessed the defendant engage in inappropriate behavior in her presence. The child also reportedly said the defendant made her engage in inappropriate, intimate behavior. An arrest warrant was issued Feb. 12, in Osage County District Court for the defendant.

'Come out with your hands up'

NAME: Justin Allen “Red” Lytle

AGE: 30


CHARGE: First-degree burglary

DETAILS: Fairfax police responded to a report that James Allen “Red” Lytle walked into a residence on Circle Drive late on the night of Feb. 12 and started fighting with people. The occupants of the dwelling told police they wanted to pursue charges. Police found Lytle at another residence on Circle Drive. When Lytle saw a police officer approaching him, he reportedly fled inside and shut his door. When an officer knocked at the door and announced himself as a policeman, Lytle reportedly failed to open the door. The two Fairfax officers on the scene called for backup and several Osage County deputy sheriffs reportedly responded and set up a perimeter around the house. An officer used a public address system in his patrol car to call out to Lytle and commanded him to come outside with his hands up. Lytle reportedly looked outside after a few minutes but retreated back inside when given another command to come out with his hands up. Police informed Lytle they were not leaving, and he needed to come out. He eventually did so and officers placed him under arrest. A case record shows the matter is set for a plea on the morning of March 29.

Fightin' in the jail house

NAME: Terrance Lucas Cottingham

AGE: 29


CHARGES: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; and resisting an officer

DETAILS: Sgt. Scott Curran responded to a report of a fight Feb. 2 at the Osage County Jail that resulted in an inmate identified as Matthew White being transported to an emergency room for treatment. Sgt. Curran learned that a CT scan showed White's nose had been broken in two places, and the lower bone of the left eye socket had been broken. Curran learned that a toothbrush with a screw through the handle might have been involved in the incident. The toothbrush — a jail-issue model — was recovered by a detention officer from a cell to which Cottingham was assigned. This case is set for a preliminary hearing May 23 in Osage County District Court.

Domestic assault and battery

NAME: Bryan Scott Core

AGE: 46


CHARGE: Domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor

DETAILS: Pawhuska Police Chief Rex Wikel on Feb. 13 responded to a domestic assault report. Core reportedly committed a domestic assault in the presence of a 14-year-old female. During the assault, Core reportedly delivered a blow to the face of his victim with a closed fist. Wikel said in an affidavit that he tried to get a statement from Core, but the defendant declined to make a statement. Core's next court date is March 29. A review of his record shows he pleaded guilty in 2018 to a misdemeanor domestic abuse charge and was placed on deferred sentencing status.