Warrant issued in cold case slaying

Robert Smith | Pawhuska

A warrant has been issued in Osage County District Court for the arrest of a suspect identified as Dustin William Koelliker, 46, on a charge of second-degree murder or, in the alternative, first-degree manslaughter in connection with a “cold case” that the television show “Cold Justice” helped Osage County law officers to investigate by providing them with access to an array of resources.

This is the second cold case in a matter of months in which a warrant has been issued based on the Osage County/”Cold Justice” collaboration.

The case in which a warrant has been issued for Koelliker stems from the February 2011 disappearance of a woman named Donna Wilson. Friends and relatives of Wilson filed a missing person report with the sheriff’s office a few days after she was last seen. Then, nearly six months later, Wilson’s skeletal remains were discovered in a school bus located on the property where she had lived for some eight years.

An investigator for the Osage County Sheriff’s Office said Wilson’s remains were only discovered after the bus was burned in a fire that federal investigators believed to be an intentionally set fire. Officers concluded that Wilson’s hands had been bound behind her, and they found what appeared to be a knotted ligature that would have been around her neck.

According to an affidavit, officers learned that Koelliker came into possession of items of Wilson’s personal property following her disappearance, and had receipts for purchases made with her financial instruments following her disappearance.

Also according to the affidavit, Koelliker ceased reporting to work and dropped out of sight after he learned earlier this year that Osage County authorities had located him in California and wanted to speak with him.