Murder-case suspect booked in Osage jail

Robert Smith

Osage County authorities last Friday brought to Pawhuska from Texas a woman suspected of murder in connection with a 1996 killing.

The television program “Cold Justice” assisted the Osage County Sheriff’s Office in the re-investigation of the case.

A suspect identified as Cherri Dawn Miller-Terry, 48, was booked Friday at the Osage County Jail on suspicion of murder. The booking data gave a clarified version of her name. She had previously been identified as Cherri Brooks Miller and as Cherri Terry.

Miller-Terry is a suspect in the September 1996 death of Joannie Goodwin, 18. There has been some variance in the age given for Goodwin in news reports, with some listing 18 years of age and others 19. Life dates available for her, however, were Nov. 1977 to September 1996, which would have made her 18 at the time of her death.