Summer Salyers
Oren Allbritton

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital call Robert Smith at (918) 287-7366.


NAME: Xiongkou Her

AGE: 22


NAME: Veng Xiong

AGE: 31


NAME: Kosh Kash Cannady Lor

AGE: 23


NAME: Kales Earl Smith

AGE: 24

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGE: Grand larceny

DETAILS: On March 1, Deputy Anthony Barrett is dispatched to Bartlesville for a report of a theft. Barrett arrives on scene and speaks with the victim. He tells Barrett that Kaleb Smith stole some metal from his shop on Feb. 25. A worker at the shop tells Barrett that Smith stole over $1,000 worth of metal. He also says Smith sold it to ABC Recycling in Bartlesville. Barrett speaks with the owner of ABC and confirms that Smith sold the stolen metal.

NAME: Summer Salyers

AGE: 41

RESIDENCE: Houston, Neb.

CHARGE: Assault with intent to commit a felony

DETAILS: On Aug. 26, 2017, Skiatook PD’s Jerry Bullard is dispatched to investigate a report of lewd indecency to a child under 18. A 17-year old girl tells Bullard that the defendant and her boyfriend were sending her text messages to solicit her to have sex with them. Bullard reviews the text messages and confirms her accusation.

NAME: Ken Lee

AGE: 22


CHARGE: Trafficking illegal drugs, felon with gun

DETAILS: On March 26th, Investigator Justin Kling becomes involved in a drug trafficking and distribution investigation. A confidential informant tells Kling that several suspects are transporting and selling drugs and laundering large amounts of money. On April 9, Kling learns that the suspects are going to transport a large amount of meth to a meeting point near State Highway 10 and SH 99. Kling patrols the area and watches two cars meet at the spot, one of them being the suspects and the other an undercover sheriff. Kling notices the men are holding firearms. Deputies rush in and arrest all four suspects. Officers search the car and find some weed, a sawed off shotgun, an AK 47, some meth, ammunition, and two pistols. Search warrant shows that this information came to the OCSO via an informant.

NAME: Austin Blake Kennedy

AGE: 19


NAME: Matthew Ryan McDaniel

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Pattern of criminal offenses, 2nd degree burglary, grand larceny, concealing stolen property

DETAILS: Investigator Travis Foster is dispatched to investigate a string of burglaries and thefts that occurred in Pawnee and Osage County in March and February. Foster investigates and speaks with witnesses and discovers Austin Kennedy and Matthew McDaniel burglarized five different businesses in Fairfax and Ralston. The total value of merchandise stolen is over $115,000. Some of the property is recovered at the suspects’ houses.

NAME: Oren A. Allbritton

AGE: 55


CHARGE: DUI, open container

DETAILS: On April 12, Skiatook PD’s Steven Haley is dispatched to 133rd St. N. and Lenepah Avenue for a report of a possible drunken driver. While en route, Haley spots a car matching the description. Haley follows the car and notices the driver goes left of center several times. Haley pulls the car over and notices the driver smells like alcohol. He asks the driver if he’s been drinking. He says he’s had a beer earlier. Haley administers a breathalyzer test. The driver blows 0.17. Haley notices there is an open beer in the car.

NAME: Russell Brian Langford

AGE: 58


CHARGE: Conspiracy

DETAILS: On April 13, Deputy Terry York and other officers execute a search warrant on a house on 10th Street in Pawhuska. Officers search the house, belonging to Russell Langford, and find digital scales with meth residue on them and a large number of small plastic baggies. On April 16, York gets a warrant to search Langford’s cell phone. He finds several messages confirming that Langford was arranging drug deals.


NAME: Jeremy Lee Lord

AGE: 41


CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: On April 14, Deputy David Bradley is dispatched to East Grand Osage for a report of a man saying his girlfriend is ‘acting crazy and refusing to leave.’ Bradley arrives on scene and speaks with a man in the roadway. Bradley notices the man is wearing jeans and no shoes or shirt. Bradley also notices the man smells like alcohol and has slurred speech. He admits he’s been drinking orange juice and vodka. He says his girlfriend is inside and acting crazy. While talking to him, he slaps Bradley in the stomach. Bradley tells him not to touch him again. He becomes belligerent and bows up to Bradley. Bradley takes him to the ground and places him under arrest.

NAME: Patia Dawn Molloy

AGE: 48


CHARGES: Threatening act of violence

DETAILS: On April 15, Pawhuska PD’s Robert Rulo is dispatched to Leahy for a report of threats being made. Rulo arrives on scene and speaks with a woman. She says that Patia Malloy threatened her and said she would, “Punch her in her fat face.” Rulo goes to speak with Malloy about the incident. Malloy approaches Rulo aggressively, screaming and cussing at him. Rulo asks her what happened and she refuses to talk to him. He places her under arrest.

NAME: Jennifer Marie Jones

AGE: 24


CHARGE: Petit larceny, receiving stolen property, paraphernalia

DETAILS: On April 14, Pawhuska PD’s Robert Rulo speaks with Jessica Jones near Main and Kihekah. Rulo finds out she has several new items in her bag with price tags still on them. She tells Rulo that she just bought the items from Sister’s Attic and threw away the receipts. The manager at Sister’s Attic tells Rulo that she walked in the store and looked around for a while and left. She says she didn’t buy anything when she left. She identifies all of the items in her bag as being from the store.

NAME: Amy Louise McIntyre

AGE: 54


CHARGE: DUI, open container, possession of marijuana, paraphernalia

DETAILS: On April 16, a Tulsa police officer is on State Highway 97 when he spots a car speeding. He clocks the car doing 70 in a 55 mph zone. He pulls the car over and notices the driver smells like alcohol. He notices there is an open bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the car. The driver admits she’s had several drinks. The cop administers a field sobriety test and determines she is too intoxicated to drive safely. Officers search the car and find several marijuana pipes, some marijuana, and some empty bags and vials with white residue.

NAME: David Martin Ingersoll Jr.

AGE: 35


CHARGE: Trespassing

DETAILS: On April 16, Skiatook PD’s Tyler Bates is dispatched to Walmart in Skiatook for a report of a trespasser. Bates arrives on scene and speaks with Walmart asset protection. They tell Bates that David Ingersoll is in the store and he’s banned. Bates finds Ingersoll in the store and confirms that he’s been banned from the store.

NAME: Shawna Schoonover

AGE: 48

RESIDENCE: Bartlesville

CHARGE: Public intoxication, resisting an officer

DETAILS: On April 14, Deputy Robert Willard is dispatched to the Osage Casino in Bartlesville for an intoxicated woman refusing to leave. Willard arrives on scene and speaks with security. Security tells Willard that the woman has been having mixed drinks and touching other guest’s chips. When asked to stop she refused and began cussing at employees. Willard speaks with the woman and notices she smells like alcohol and has slurred speech. He asks her why she didn’t leave when security asked her to. She says, “because they have no right to.” Willard asks her to leave. She says, “I’m not leaving!” The person she’s with tries to take her drink away and she moves and takes another drink while staring at Willard. Willard goes to place her under arrest and she tries to pull away and leave. Willard puts her in an arm bar and places her under arrest.

NAME: Cassandra Daiane Ward

AGE: 40


CHARGE: Possession of cocaine

DETAILS: On April 19, Deputy Johnny Porter is on patrol near 61st and Osage Drive when he spots a black car driving northbound in the southbound lane of traffic. Porter pulls the car over and notices it smells like marijuana. He asks the driver and passenger about the marijuana. The female passenger tells Porter that she smoked it all. The driver allows Porter to search the car. He searches and finds some cocaine in a purse. The passenger tells Porter that it belongs to her and she’s addicted to cocaine.

NAME: Kimberly Dawn Hudson Riddle-Mundy

AGE: 29


CHARGE: Possession of meth, paraphernalia

NAME: Richard Don Mundy

AGE: 32


CHARGE: Paraphernalia

DETAILS: On April 13, Investigator Terry York is assists other officers execute a search warrant on 10th Street in Pawhuska. Officers search the house, belonging to Kimberly Riddle and Richard Don Mundy, and find numerous drug paraphernalia items including meth pipes, cut straws, digital scales and small baggies. Officers search Kimberly Riddle, who’s in the house and find she is in possession of a small bag of meth.

NAME: Kelly Jayne Ramey

AGE: 50


CHARGE: Bogus check

DETAILS: On Sept. 4, 2016, A woman allegedly writes a bogus check to Pawhuska Hometown Foods for $163.68.

NAME: Christopher Brett Marietta

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Possession of marijuana

NAME: Ricardo Rodriguez

AGE: 19


CHARGE: Possession of CDS, paraphernalia, public intoxication

DETAILS: On April 19, Skiatook PD’s Hank Guilfoyle is on patrol on West Rogers Boulevard. when he spots a minivan driving without its headlights on. Guilfoyle pulls the van over and notices the driver has slow sluggish movements and seems to be nervous. Guilfoyle notices the car smells like fragrance and believes the driver and passenger are trying to mask the smell of drugs. The driver admits to Guilfoyle that he has some marijuana and he’s smoked recently. The passenger also admits he smoked some marijuana. Officer Chris Edwards searches the passenger, Ricardo Rodriguez, and finds some weed and a pipe.