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Pawhuska Journal-Capital
Fredrick Burley

EDITOR’S NOTE: The people charged with misdemeanors or felonies are innocent until proven guilty in court. Those who want the final disposition of their case reported in the Pawhuska Journal-Capital call Robert Smith at (918) 287-7366.


NAME: Cody Wade Pitts

AGE: 39


CHARGE: Trafficking illegal drugs, paraphernalia

DETAILS: On April 4, Deputy Dustin Wells is dispatched to 4th Street and South Avenue in Ponca City for a report of a drug deal. Kay County Investigator John Mitchell tells Wells that he witnessed a hand-to-hand drug transaction outside of a convenience store. Mitchell watches the suspect leave and park near the Osage Casino gas pumps and go inside. Wells recognizes the man from previous experience and knows he has outstanding warrants in Kay County. Wells places him under arrest and searches his person. He finds about 96 grams of meth, a digital scale and a baggy of unidentified pills.

NAME: Robert Allen Mylen

AGE: 27


CHARGE: Child neglect, threatening to perform act of violence

DETAILS: On April 3, Pawhuska PD’s Paris Robertson speaks with a man reporting threatening text and Facebook messages from Robert Mylen. Robertson reviews the messages and sees Mylen’s name and photograph attached to the account the Facebook messages were sent from. Robertson discovers Mylen is on drug court. He goes to Mylen’s house and notices it smells like marijuana. Mylen allows Robertson to search the house. Robertson searches the house and finds a homemade marijuana pipe and some marijuana laying on the floor by some children’s toys.

NAME: Marqita Y. Summons

AGE: 45

RESIDENCE: Oklahoma City

CHARGE: Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, conspiracy

DETAILS: On April 7, Hominy PD’s Joe Lucas is dispatched to the Dick Conner Correctional Center for a report of a person bringing in contraband. Lucas arrives on scene and speaks with corrections officer Tammy Warner. She tells Lucas that she saw a woman pass an object to an inmate during visitation. Lucas investigates the package and finds about an ounce of weed inside. Lucas places the woman under arrest.

NAME: Cylenia Rhea Clark

AGE: 44


CHARGE: DUI, suspended license, paraphernalia

DETAILS: On April 8, Sgt. Brett Barnett is on patrol on U.S. Highway 60 when he spots a car go left of center in to the oncoming lane. Barnett pulls the car over for a traffic stop and notices the driver has slurred speech and trouble following simple instructions. Barnett has her step out of the car and she stumbles, nearly falling over. Barnett administers a field sobriety test and determines she is too intoxicated to drive safely. He searches the car and finds two meth pipes.

NAME: Kevin Wayne Holt

AGE: 28


NAME: Berry Dean Gillett

AGE: 34


NAME: Candice Nicole Hatley

AGE: 25


CHARGE: Second-degree burglary

DETAILS: On April 8, Skiatook PD’s Mark Dressler is on patrol on Rogers Boulevard. When he spots a truck parked in a dark area at the Skiatook Boat Storage Complex. Due to the high number of thefts in the area and time of night, Dressler goes to see what is going on. Dressler pulls up and sees a man, later identified as Berry Gillett, standing near a trailer. Dressler notices a gun safe loaded on to the trailer. Dressler also finds Candice Hatley sitting in the passenger seat of the truck pulling the trailer and Kevin Holt standing inside of the storage unit. Dressler checks with dispatch and discovers Hatley has an arrest warrant in Osage County. He asks them what they are doing there. Gillett tells Dressler that it is his mother’s storage unit and his whole family uses it. Dressler notices the locks on the storage unit door have been recently cut. He finds a latch that had been cut on the ground near the door. Dressler tells him that he can tell the locks were recently cut. He gives Dressler his mother’s contact information. Dressler speaks with her. She tells him Gillett is her adopted son and he doesn’t have permission to use the storage unit. She tells Gillett that she doesn’t want to press charges. Dressler has the men return the safe to the storage unit. She calls dispatch later and changes her mind, deciding to press charges.

NAME: Jaime Garcia Hernandez

AGE: 41


CHARGE: Bogus check over $1,000.

DETAILS: On Oct. 1, 2015, Jaime Garcia Hernandez allegedly wrote a check to Tankersley Foods LLC for $3,139.98 that bounced.

NAME: Shad Dylan Reed

AGE: 36


CHARGE: Domestic assault by strangulation, obstructing officer

DETAILS: On April 11, Pawhuska PD’s Blake Burch is dispatched to 15th Street for a report of a possible fight in progress. Burch arrives on scene and finds a man and woman leaving the house. Burch tells the man to stop but he continues walking. Burch notices he is holding several things in his hands and orders him to put them down. He doesn’t. Officers Rex Wikel and Alton Horne arrive on scene and also order the man to stop and drop the items. He refuses to comply with the officers orders. When Horne and Wikel go to place the man under arrest, he pulls away and fights with the officers. After a brief struggle, the officers manage to place him in handcuffs. Burch speaks with the woman. She tells him the man is her husband and he assaulted her. She says he body slammed her to the ground and held her down. She says while he was holding her down she couldn’t breath. She says she bit him to make him stop. Burch notices she has a bruise on her arm and a scratch mark on her hand.

NAME: Matthew John White

AGE: 32


CHARGE: Robbery with a weapon, kidnapping

DETAILS: On Aug. 10, 2017, Investigator Steve Talburt is dispatched to investigate a reported first-degree robbery, kidnapping and car theft. The victim tells Talburt that a man asked him for a ride while he was doing laundry at his apartment complex. He says he agreed to give the man a ride. He says the man loaded his bicycle and he took him to 36th Street N. He says while at the intersection, the man said he would get out and he can make it home from there. He says that while he was getting out and unloading the bicycle, the man pulled out a knife and demanded his keys, wallet and cellphone. He says he forced him to get in the passenger seat and drove his car. He says he let him out near a Walgreens after throwing out his cellphone. The next day, deputy Johnny Porter discovers that the stolen car was pulled over in Cowley County. Matthew White was driving. Deputies go to the Cowley County jail to speak with White but he refuses to talk without an attorney.


NAME: Jamie Lee Lytle

AGE: 28


CHARGE: DUI, open container, no insurance

DETAILS: On March 29, a highway patrolman is dispatched to a one car accident on State Highway 18. The patrolman arrives on scene and notices a car that ran off the road to the right, going down an embankment and hitting a fence. The patrolman speaks with the driver, Jamie Lee Lytle. He notices Lytle has slurred speech and smells like alcohol. He asks Lytle how much he’s had to drink. He says “A lot.” He asks him to clarify what he means and he says “I don’t know, a lot.” The patrolman administers a field sobriety test and determines the man is too intoxicated to drive safely. He blows 0.22 on the breathalyzer test. Officers find a cold, open beer in the car.

NAME: Summer Radford

AGE: 33


CHARGE: Breaking and entering, threatening to perform act of violence

DETAILS: On April 3, Pawhuska PD’s William Wamego is dispatched to 10th Street for a report of a breaking and entering. The victim tells Wamego that Summer Radford broke in to her house and took some clothes and other items. She say she knows it was Radford because a witness was at her house during the incident and told her it was Radford. The witness tells Wamego that when he returned from the laundromat he found the back door was kicked in. He says that he went to the bathroom and Radford walked in and began yelling at him about the victim. Wamego speaks with Radford. She denies doing anything and says the victim owes her money.

NAME: Benjamin Hayden Carrington

AGE: 23


CHARGE: Public intoxication

DETAILS: On April 7, Skiatook PD’s Chris Edwards is on patrol on West Rogers Boulevard. When he spots a man walking. Due to the cold and rainy weather, Edwards stops to check on him. Edwards notices the man smells like marijuana and has bloodshot eyes. He asks him when he last smoked marijuana. He says, “Earlier.” Edwards asks him where he is going. He says he doesn’t know. Edwards asks him if he marijuana is the only illegal drug he uses. He says, “Yes, everyone smokes marijuana.” Edwards places him under arrest and calls Skiatook EMS due to the cold conditions and the fact the man was under dressed and behaving abnormally.

NAME: Fredrick Louis Burley

AGE: 44

RESIDENCE: Blackwell

CHARGE: Possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, suspended license, no insurance

DETAILS: On April 5, Sgt. Brett Barnett is on patrol on U.S. 60 when he spots a car with a burned out brake light. Barnett pulls the car over for a traffic stop and discovers the driver has a suspended license and no insurance. Barnett asks the driver if there is anything illegal in the car. He says there isn’t. Barnett gets consent to search the car. He searches and finds a meth pipe, some weed, and a digital scale.

NAME: Steven Christopher Herman

AGE: 50

RESIDENCE: Collinsville

CHARGE: DUI, suspended license

DETAILS: On April 5, Deputy Johnny Porter is on patrol near Haynie and Oak streets in Skiatook when he spots a car run a stop sign. Porter pulls the car over for a traffic stop. He notices the driver can’t seem to sit still and has dilated pupils. Porter checks with dispatch and discovers he has a suspended license. He administers a field sobriety test and determines the man is too intoxicated to drive safely. The man admits to Porter that he used meth the day before and smoked some marijuana prior to the traffic stop.

NAME: Gillian Renee Radford

AGE: 35


CHARGE: DUI, obstructing officer, leaving scene of accident causing damage, suspended license

DETAILS: On April 5, Pawhuska PD’s Justin Tulk is dispatched to Handy’s Convenience store for a report of a hit and run. The caller tells dispatch that a pickup hit a pedestrian in the parking lot and drove away. En route, Tulk spots a pickup that matches the description from the report. Tulk pulls the pickup over for a traffic stop. The driver stops, gets out, and takes off running to a house on Lincoln Avenue. Tulk recognizes her as Gillian Radford from previous law enforcement experience. Tulk knocks on the door and the homeowner lets him in after he asks about Radford. He finds her and places her under arrest. She admits to Tulk that she was driving during the incident at Handy’s. She says she ran away because she didn’t want to go to jail.