Standing Bear wins third term as chief

Robert Smith
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Geoffrey Standing Bear on June 6 won a third four-year term as principal chief of the Osage Nation.

Standing Bear received 1,275 votes, or 51.75 percent of the total, to 1,189 votes for Osage Congressman Joe Tillman, the challenger.

The result concluded what had been a bruising campaign, with issues having been raised about problems at the tribal health center, about an alleged instance of sexual harassment in Standing Bear’s administration, and about the executive branch allegedly failing to supply timely financial information to the Osage Nation Congress.

In other results June 6, Osage Congressman R.J. Walker handily defeated Thomas Trumbly by nearly 1,000 votes to win a term as Assistant Principal Chief. The incumbent assistant principal chief, Raymond Red Corn, did not run for re-election.

Osage Nation voters also chose among 13 candidates for Osage Nation Congress to fill six seats. The top six vote-getters were Scott BigHorse, Alice Goodfox, Eli Potts, Brandy Lemon, Otto Hamilton and Whitney Red Corn.

Walker’s victory in the Assistant Principal Chief contest opened up a seventh congressional seat, as someone was needed to serve the last two years of his term.

Incumbent Congresswoman Paula Stabler, who placed seventh in the voting for Congress, is to finish Walker’s term.

In other voting June 6, owners of Osage Mineral Estate headrights, or portions of headrights, cast ballots to fill the eight seats of the Osage Minerals Council. Headright owners chose among 15 candidates.

The eight candidates receiving the most votes were Anthony Shackelford, Talee Redcorn, Melissa Currey, Everett Waller, Kenny Bighorse Jr., Myron F. Red Eagle, Paul S. Revard, and Joseph B. Cheshewalla.

Redcorn, Waller, Red Eagle, and Revard were incumbents. Two incumbents — Susan Forman and Marsha Harlan did not run for re-election. One other incumbent, Margo Gray, did not receive enough votes to win re-election.

The Minerals Council voting concluded a campaign period during which concerns were aired regarding an oil-recovery contract involving a Colorado-based firm.

Four Osage Nation judges — William Oldfield, Drew Pierce, Elizabeth Lohah Homer, and Meredith Drent — were retained June 6.