PPS sees good results on latest MAP tests

Robert Smith
Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Superintendent David Cash said March 25 that Pawhuska Public Schools received encouraging results from Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests administered in January.

MAP testing is offered by a private, non-profit education organization known simply as NWEA (it formerly called itself the Northwest Evaluation Association). The tests track the academic progress of individual students across years of their classroom performance, offering teachers and parents report data that is considered eventually predictive of ACT scores, and college readiness.

This is the fourth school year that Pawhuska Public Schools has used MAP testing, which Superintendent Cash considers more helpful and more economical than Oklahoma’s state academic test. In MAP testing, students are assessed as to whether they are meeting individualized learning objectives, and in comparison to students nationally and internationally of the same age.

Of the state test, Cash says: “It has no ACT correlation whatever. Colleges don’t use it. No one understands it.”

Of MAP testing, he notes: “Parents get a student report that shows them the path their student is on, compared to students around the country.”

If a student has been enrolled in Pawhuska Public Schools for the past three-plus years, there will soon be four years of individualized academic data on that student that is available to parents and teachers for use in charting future concerns and objectives.

Cash said the results from the January 2022 testing were the strongest that Pawhuska Public Schools has seen in the four years it has been using the MAP.

”The fall-to-winter growth was the best we’ve seen,” he said. The 50th percentile is the national average, he said.

”We’re doing that, and substantially above it in some cases,” Cash said. The only subject area where Pawhuska students did not exceed the national average in January was high school biology, where Pawhuska was at 48.6, or just below the average, he said.

At Indian Camp Elementary School, pupils scored above the 60th percentile in both math and reading, Cash said. Districtwide, math was the subject where Pawhuska students were the strongest, he said.

He also noted that Pawhuska’s junior high students tested well in reading in January (above the 60th percentile).

PPS is on track to do another round of MAP testing before the end of the 2021-22 school year, and those results will also be shared with parents.