New Republican group to meet Tuesday, March 15

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

The Pawhuska Journal-Capital received a contact from local resident Macy Strom about the formation of a new Republican group that will offer equal speaking opportunities to all GOP candidates for office. Her submission was too late to get into our print product before the group's first meeting, but we are offering the information here on the newspaper's website. The submission was as follows:

A new GOP group has been established in the Pawhuska area, the County Seat.

Many Pawhuska area and Northern Osage County residents do not feel that they are best being represented at this time, so have begun a new GOP group based out of Pawhuska where our county government is carried out.

Anyone wishing to join the group is welcome to attend the inaugural meeting, Tuesday, March 15, 6:30 p.m., at the Pawhuska Community Center. Meetings will be held monthly in Pawhuska with  prior notification to all through the newspaper, radio, flyers, Facebook, and by email.  

The plan at this time is to hear from our elected county officials on a regular basis so that the citizens can stay informed as to what is actually going on in our Osage County government. At all meetings held prior to the upcoming election, all candidates attending will be introduced along with incumbents and will be able to address the group if they so choose. Everyone will be allowed equal time. The group will not support or promote one candidate over another.

There will soon be some fundraising efforts made to pay for facility rent and other expenses, but donations will always be accepted. 

Campaign paraphernalia for all candidates will be available for pick up as provided by the candidates.

District, State and Federal officials and candidates, or their representatives, will also be invited to attend when available.

Pawhuska, as the hub of our County government and the county seat, has always been the major gathering place for our county government and political events, especially during election years.  

A contact list is now being formed.