IN HER WORDS: Ward 2 candidate Amber Nash

Pawhuska Journal-Capital

Amber Nash is running for Ward 2's three-year term on the Pawhuska City Council. She is completing the final year of Jourdan McCall Foran's term on the Council. Nash spent 28 years serving the farmers and ranchers when she worked for the Farm Service Agency.

Her desire is to represent the citizens of Pawhuska by continuing to serve. After sitting on the Council this past year, she now possesses needed knowledge and understanding of the financing and workings of each department within the city.

"I didn’t realize all the work required to be a member of the Council," said Nash. "Much research is necessary to make important decisions which can affect the future of Pawhuska and all of us who live here."

"I’ve asked questions and made recommendations so that neighborhoods in affected areas won't be lost when the Council votes," she said. "I’ll admit sometimes my comments or questions have seemingly angered people but each decision I make is with Pawhuska citizens in my upmost thoughts."

Pawhuska faces important and necessary infrastructure issues. The water problems around town have her questioning if the city needs to install new lines and updated connections to each meter. And do we need to build a new water treatment plant?

Nash is quick to remind folks that last February, facing the coldest days of the entire winter, we relied on the aging generators at the light plant to keep our homes and business heated. Questions have come to her about the possible replacement of those generators. And streets, where do we start, which street is worse? Every department at one time or another has issues which require money. The services our city government provides keeps our community going.

"With the hiring of our new interim city manager, I believe our community will see much improvement. This will require the City Council to make many tough decisions," said Nash. "I’m determined to continue to ask the pertinent questions and will continue to fight for the citizens of Pawhuska, each neighborhood, and the future of Pawhuska."